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    Sep 2010
    I'm wondering if there is a tool that could automatically analyze the addresses value loaded into registers and put that in comments.

    For example:
    lis r10, 0x8000
    ori r10, r10, 0x0000
    rldicr r10, r10, 32, 31
    oris r10, 0x0001
    ori r10, 0x02c3

    Resolved as 0x80000000000102c3.
    Only the simplest cases where the value is loaded into register explicitly.

    I remember something similar on SPARC, where disassembler was adding in comment the effective address loaded into registry in 2 commands (32bit).

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    Mar 2009
    ppu-objdump does that but only for 32-bit constants. Shame really.

    Some compilers use the TOC to load big constants (often even for 32-bit constants), but it appears Sony's compiler doesn't do that.

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