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  1. #101
    taladas20 Guest
    I await till the ps3news team gets a sample

  2. #102
    Warrorar Guest
    and i wait till ps3news hacked the dongle (if it is real). and release the software. that i can use it on my own usb stick.

    169,99 for that is scam.... im sorry to say that but those guys are allready died for me o.O either i wait 1 or 2 years more, instead of giving this people 170$

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by taladas20 View Post
    I await till the ps3news team gets a sample
    I don't see a need honestly as there will be soon be enough videos on it running that will show everything we could, and it's already been confirmed as working by long-time sceners including xorloser now.

    That said, I'd hold off buying this, save the $120 and wait until the PS3 scene does its thing hacking the PS3 hack (lol) so that it will be FREE for all like it should have been to begin with.

  4. #104
    BwE Guest
    argh, ive waited long enough for a ps3 hack so i might buy it.

    i'll rip it for the community

  5. #105
    TUHTA Guest
    Ok and we will donate you!

    If you do it!

  6. #106
    chomps268 Guest
    When I first saw this thread, I was doing homework and I pretty much halted that and I'm pretty sure that I came upon reading the features and such... I figured it'd already be available to the public, but alas I got to the bottom and sadface'd. I got here when there were 0 posts, and have been refreshing every 5-10 mins to read posts. This post exploded so quickly... x]

    But yea, I don't think it's right for them to sell this. To me, that's almost like going to $ony's level, trying to profit off of anything and everything possible. What's the point of this? To give us PS3 users more freedom with our PS3's. Not to make us have to pay for more...

    I thought hacking systems was to help get around the costly bullshit for features we should already have... or something like that. Haha. But anyways, I won't be paying for this; it's way too expensive. I'll wait for either 1. a cheaper release, or 2. a free release. Why? Not because I have doubts that it works - I'm sure this works. But because I'm not so sure this is 100% patch proof by $ony.

    GL on cracking this dongle thing, hope to see some CFW and or homebrew sometime in the near future :3 This is exactly what we've all been waiting for

  7. #107
    Figgzor Guest
    So will this lead to a not patchable hack, kinda sucks paying for a hack that wont work later on when sony will put required firmware on newer games for those who refuse to update from 3.41.

  8. #108
    prins022 Guest
    Great News, but just a thought, a memory unit usb contain files but an extension usb functionality does not (like usb wifi dongle), so maybe there's some hardware in it? so no possible to rip, I mean like some sort of external modchip

    Ok now I stop overthinking

  9. #109
    f455tty Guest
    i don't trust them still...

  10. #110
    Warrorar Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by f455tty View Post
    i don't trust them still....
    boah just stfu... please STFU. This project is beeing checked by xorloser; osmodchip and other people! Just read the posts and use your brain!
    Quote Originally Posted by sk group View Post
    argh, ive waited long enough for a ps3 hack so i might buy it.

    i'll rip it for the community
    if you do this i'm pretty sure you will get into ps3 heaven ^^

    i dislike it that this people sell this hack for so much money... and i hope someone will rip the software that everyone can use it on his own dongle.

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