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Thread: PSJailbreak is Detectable and Bannable on PSN, Dumped Easily

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    cirojr Guest
    well, it's an alternative indeed.

    It's not so full of people as PSN, but it could change with the banhammer that's comming. People could leave PSN and move to XLINK KAI. Would be awesome hehe

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    PSGamer24 Guest
    Sony cannot disable USB boot as PlayTV requires it to schedule programs to record.

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    nipsen Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PSGamer24 View Post
    Sony cannot disable USB boot as PlayTV requires it to schedule programs to record.
    Should be doable to make sure those devices are recognized, and then only have the interfaces and access needed to run the associated software. Anything else should then not have access at all. And "the community" will rejoice, as piracy is "stopped".

    If Sony is doing their usual thing, they'll do it. They haven't cared about the media hub part of the ps3 package since the beginning. Most likely it's going to serve as a good excuse to finally cap it once and for all, since external storage is, as we all know, evil. And encourages piracy, and watching unlicensed tv-shows you don't have access to unless you move to another country. This according to well-connected folks in the hierarchy. There's also the fact that "USB-sticks" are associated with "hacking". So you'd better believe some atechnical lalallala is planning something like this right now.

    Of course - it won't actually fix the problem, and can be circumvented. But that's not how they work - the idea is to cull the perception (in particular circles) that the box is useful for anything but condoned Sony activities. I mean, these are the kinds of people who believe that a branded download store would be able to charge more for the same product as an unbranded one, and still get more sales. Then if that fails, they'll blame the team responsible for that particular project, and pull the finances.

    Same thought-process happened with the linux-debacle most likely - they draw up a wishful thinking scenario that happens to involve customers who love doing exclusively the things that return money in the short term. Regardless of content, support for the products, the quality of the products, etc. And then dream up some fictional customer who will fit their decision. Then that fictional customer materialise in their focus-groups, thanks to creative question-asking. This then guides the interest for where to focus effort, until the customer base is so small the projects die out on their own. I've seen that first hand before, and I don't think they're.. in a hurry to change tack.

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    tripellex Guest
    Guys, you're stretching a bit too much with the USB disabling, etc. You have to think of whom we're dealing with here. Sony could do a number of things to protect themselves:

    * Release newer, more secure JIGs to their service centers with different HW IDs and updated software. All older JIGs would be destroyed and their HW IDs and software invalidated. I'm more than certain that when they designed the PS3, they added the ability to recognize more than one HW ID for sending the PS3 into Service Mode, just for such an occasion as this.

    * Add a "kill switch" of sorts to new PS3s during production to invalidate the older JIG ID, activate a similar killswitch in all older models via firmware.

    * Ban all PS3s from PSN that contain either unsigned code, or log references to Jailbreak HW IDs and unauthorized apps. If I'm not mistaken, the only PS3s that can run unsigned code are Debug units, and they can't access PSN anyways (citation needed).

    There's no need for them to cripple USB functions. I'm sure they have already gotten their hands on the original Jailbreak, and would have their R&D Department tearing it and all clones apart to invalidate them.

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    tjay17 Guest
    I seriously doubt that sony will disable the usb ports.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tjay17 View Post
    I seriously doubt that sony will disable the usb ports.
    They WILL NOT disable USB.

    Once again, if they have even have the ability to disable USB support entirely, THEN they have 100's of alternative methods to prevent the PSJ from working... most that you wouldn't even notice.

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    wwe101 Guest
    omg do you guys think we will be able to emulate ps2 and xbox on the ps3?

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    xer0 Guest
    With the power of the PS3 I believe its possible. Maybe not perfect but very close.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by wwe101 View Post
    omg do you guys think we will be able to emulate ps2 and xbox on the ps3?
    Probably shouldn't answer this... because it will be asked a million more times in the future...but maybe a modified version of my response will be stickied and posted each time.

    ...probably not... We would need some serious info on them beyond what we have currently. The power of the XBOX360 is roughly equivalent to the PS3, except for the fact that the X360 has multiple processors... the PS3 has SPUs. I hope you are still reading, because my point here being that Microsoft has 100% of the documentation on the xbox1 and still failed pretty miserably (or at least did for a long while) at designing an emulator for it on X360.

    Sony, who has 100% access to PS2 specs, could have saved tens of thousands of dollars by developing an emulator for their system, and in fact developed emulation for most everything in their system, but they still didn't finish most likely due to processing limitations (IMHO).

    These are experienced coders, getting 100's of thousands of dollars to do such a task, with absolute documentation and hardware knowledge. We're going to be limited by the SPU's a lot when it comes to emulation compared to the X360... but all other consoles will be fine I'm sure (including GCube and Wii).

    (xbox = x86, PS2 = arm, gcube/wii = PPC, PS3 = PPC64)?

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    aamir007 Guest
    When blocked by PSN for using the PS Jailbreak would you lose the option to use the web browser and media centre features and services such as BBC iPlayer, ect. I know it will allow to access any PSN services which am not too bothered about, hardly ever play online.

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