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    PSJailBreak clone upgrade video

    Hi guys. if you want to upgrade your clone / fake psjailbreak (at90usb162) easily, look my video on youtube. the first thing you can do is the intallation flip 3.4.2 and continue with my video. good luck!!

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    Still doesn't work here...

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    Not very useful if you don't say anything - i.e. what software are you using? Sort of useless without that.

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    great video but its missing the final step, here are some pointers,

    - always install Atmel FLIP software first so that your PC has the USB drivers loaded.
    - when a usb board contains an activated .hex file, the PC will never recognise the USB stick.
    - pressing the hardware button on the board will put it into DFU mode and your PC will recognise the board again.
    - on the final step, press "Load" to flash the new .hex file into the stick, then press "Start application" on the right side of the software, this will activate the new .hex file and thus, rendering your USB stick to be unrecognisable by the PC yet again.

    Do not press the hardware reset button on the USB board anymore and enjoy the new payload.

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