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    Apr 2005

    PSIDPatch 1.5 Arrives, Now Changes PS3 Console ID Sent to PSN

    Today stoker25 has updated his previous work to PSIDPatch version 1.5, which now supports changing the PS3 Console ID sent to PSN among the updates followed by more revisions below.

    Download: PSIDPatch 1.5 for PS3 / PSIDPatch 1.5 for PS3 (Mirror) / PSIDPatch 1.6 for PS3 with changelog HERE / PSIDPatch 1.6 for PS3 (Mirror) / PSIDPatch 1.6 for PS3 (Resigned for 4.30 CFW) by willmav5000 / DEXPSIDPatch 4.21.2 Rebug / CEXPSIDPatch 4.21.2 Rebug / CEXPSIDPatch 4.30.1 Rebug / CEXPSIDPatch 4.30 CEX Rogero v2.05 by arj1231 / PSIDPatch v2.1 (Recompiled with 1.6 Source) by Bad_MOFO_33 / PSIDPATCH4.40.pkg / PSIDPATCH4.40.zip (Mirror) by solidspike / PSIDPatch 4.46 (FIX).pkg by kokotonix / PSIDPATCH16 CFW 4.50 Fixed / PSIDPATCH CFW 4.53 Fixed by Megago

    Currently PSIDPatch is for 3.55 only. It'll run on other versions, but the ConsoleID shown will be wrong and the patching functions will patch the wrong places.

    From the ReadMe file: Updated PSIDPatch 1.5, now it can also change the Console ID sent to PSN, although if the ID isn't valid you'll get a nice 8002A224 error. Included a sample consoleid.txt file too.

    Updated PSIDPatch 1.2 for 3.55 consoles. SELF is signed and the package is "signed". 1.2 also lets you generate a random PSID now, no need for txt files. Also, removed the confirmation screens.

    PSID is your playstation's unique identifier to Sony, this program will patch the loaded PSID in memory to one of your choice. This won't permanently patch your PSID, but *MIGHT* let you fool PSN. Best way to test this is for somebody with a banned PS3 to try changing it and going online.

    Please note that I'm not sure if PSID is what is actually used for bans! Apparently the ID used for banning is generated using the PSID, but I think that the result of this generation *MIGHT* be stored somewhere in memory. If it is, this tool is worthless for PSN until that result is found.

    Made and tested on a 3.41 PS3 for 1.0, 3.55 PS3 for 1.2... Although not tested online by me! If your using a different version and patching doesn't work properly please contact me and we'll work out a fix


    + Shows you current PSID
    + Shows you current Console ID
    + Patch PSID from dev_usb/psid.txt
    + Patch PSID to random number
    + Patch Console ID from dev_usb/consoleid.txt
    + Patch ConsoleID (line 2) to random number
    + Choose USB to load from

    This uses the peek and poke syscalls in order to patch your PSID. Please make sure your using a payload which uses them or a CFW that has them (kmeaw 3.55 does)


    Install package
    Run PSIDPatch
    Press Cross to patch PSID with a random number, or Square to patch ConsoleID.
    Or.. if you want to use your own:
    Create a text file called psid.txt/consoleid.txt on root of your USB
    Put 32 hex characters inside (e.g. 1234567890ABCDEFFEDCBA0987654321) or 64 for ConsoleID
    Open PSIDPatch, choose your USB using Up/Down arrows and press R1 to patch.

    Technical Stuff:

    PSID starts at 0x800000000044A18C in 3.41, 0x800000000045218C in 3.55. It is 16 bytes long. Two identicle Console ID's exist in memory: one which is 32 bytes at 0x80000000003C2EF0 and another which is 16 bytes at 0x8000000000452174. PSN seems to use the second one, but PSIDPatch patches both.


    Mathieulh/RichDevX - bragging about PSID stuff on twitter, if it was a private convo I never would of started this
    user - Fixing CFWLoad code so no SCE confidential stuff is included, thanks man
    djekl - Random PSID idea, can't believe I didn't think of that...

    Update: PSIDPatch 4.21 CEX&DEX (DEXPSIDPatch / CEXPSIDPatch) by arj1231 is now available (linked above) as well and is edited to work on DEX MODE!

    To quote: Just edited the source to use correct offsets. Both fully working on 4.21. Change PSID and CONID. Please Dont abuse (Stay away from COD games).

    Thanks to Stoker25 for making source avail. To everyone please use a legit Console Id saved to USB.

    Update #2: PSIDPatch for 4.40 CFW (linked above) by solidspike is now available, who states: PSIDPATCH 4.40 for most 4.40 CFW like rogero, miralatijera etc

    The last 2 offsets for console id seem to keep changing in lv2 every time the system is restarted so we can’t patch these unless someone creates a new program that patches dynamically instead of using fixed offsets.

    However this works and patches the PSID and the 2 fixed locations where the console id is for 4.40 CFW

    Finally, from kokotonix comes a PSIDpatch fix for 4.46 by KW (linked above) who states:

    I've been using psidpatch 4.40 to patch the consoleid of my bricked (non-working) console into my banned (but working) system.

    Since I've updated to Rogero 4.46 CFW, psidpatch 4.40 stopped working with my system.
    Ive tried a psidpatch 4.46 but it freezes my system.

    As I've seen I was not the only one having this problem, I share a small test with the forum that I've came across: a "patched" PSIDpatch for 4.46 CFW made by KW

    And thank you to stoker25 for this simple and very efficient tool. I have only test this with Rogero 4.46 1.00. It will be great to receive some reports with Rogero 1.01 or HABIB.

    Tested on habib 4.46 1.13, tested in rebug 4.46.1 REX and LTE versions. From the number of tests I risk to say it is full 4.46 CFW compatible.

    About PSID Patcher 4.46 CEX fixed by kokotonix (via ps3-solution-pour-tous.doomby.com/blog/ps3-homebrew/psid-patcher-4-46-cex-fixed-by-kokotonix.html) to quote, roughly translated:

    A Dev named kokotonix released a few hours already secured version of homebrew PSIDpatcher coded Stoker25 behind. This version is now compatible for CFW 4.46 CEX.

    NOTE: As usual, we were treated to a redesign of the work of this Dev by SGK, fast team, but starting input by three bricks BSOD (seen in the comments of U.S. sites that relate to inaccurate news) so beware of the version you want to install!

    As a reminder, this homebrew allows de-ban or to protect the ban on condition where one has a valid PSID and consoleID!

    This change is not permanent, the console resumes consoleID / Psid original every time you reboot. It will therefore boost PSIDpatcher every time before you connect to the SEN.

    • Install the package via install_package_file
    • Put on a USB stick formatted in FAT32 text files named like this:
    • psid.txt (you put into your file psid nothing else)
    • consoleid.txt (you put into your file consoleID followed by 32 times the number 0 and nothing else)
    • NOTE: The . txt is the file extension of course
    • Connect to the USB port on your leftmost console
    • Start PSIDpatcher then press L1 and also on R1
    • Do next TRIANGLE to exit the application
    • Connect to the PSN / SEN

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    chomps268 Guest
    This is awesome news, thanks! I haven't been online with my PS3 in a few weeks, so I'm unsure if I'm banned yet or not but... I'll wait until some results arrive to try it out

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    Brenza Guest
    Awesome, very good news guys!

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    pig098 Guest


    don't you still get banned with in 10 mins?

    and what stops Sony from banning your Mac address next??

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    kally12 Guest
    Probably, but that's not your problem, it's all done at the user's risk.

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    imtoodvs Guest


    let's get a little feedback from some of the banned guys on here, to see just how well we can sneek on psn.

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    avojps24 Guest
    if someone who is banned not only from psn but black ops, can try this out and give us the results that would be much appreciated.

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    Crazzzy Stoner Guest
    Well it looks like i was the test dumby on this app. Everything works great and i still haven't gotten banned. You load the app Press X only then exit. Use FckPSN.exe and sign in and your good. I played 1 and half hours of killzone 3. GAME IS SICK.

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    DXN3585 Guest
    They can't see your PS3 MAC address, MAC addresses are for device identification within a network. If they were to see a MAC address it would be your modems MAC address.

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    fudgelmir Guest
    I still haven't been banned or emailed or anything and i've been using .pkg game files for weeks. (I would love to use multiman but my blu ray drive is shot).

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