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  1. #81
    Megago Guest

    PSIDPatch 4.53 fixed by Megago

    PSIDPatch 4.53 fixed by Megago: PSIDPatch 4.53 Fixed / PSIDPATCH 4.53 FIXED BY Megago.rar (Mirror)

  2. #82
    sardelas Guest
    Hello bro how are you

  3. #83
    Megago Guest
    NEW LINK OF MY PSIDPATCH 4.53 : http://uptobox.com/306qz1o45dyh

  4. #84
    Megago Guest
    Please you can change a link of my psidpatch 4.53, the old link deleted by uptobox.

    New link: http://uptobox.com/306qz1o45dyh

  5. #85
    pauliux963 Guest
    Can we use this on other CFWs?

  6. #86
    kingfr3sh Guest
    Hello Megano, can you please fix the psidpatch for CFW 4.55 please?

    The Button R1 change not more the psid, only L1 works with 4.55 and psidpatcher by stoker25 and edited by megano 4.53

    i hope you can fix it.

    Nice work

  7. #87
    denero1 Guest
    help us megago we need you

  8. #88
    Lmouchkil Guest

    Unhappy PSID patch Rogero 4.55

    Hi everyone i really wanna know which PSID patch version work with my ps3 Rogero 4.55 please i need answers help me please help <3 thanks

  9. #89
    moscito Guest
    Hi, need Rogero 4.55 PSiD Patch Version please.

  10. #90
    1996 Guest
    in 4.55 works??

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