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Thread: PSIDPatch 1.5 Arrives, Now Changes PS3 Console ID Sent to PSN

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    arashhs Guest
    Hello every one ! i have been banned 2 weeks ago now i'm using psidpatch and its changing my console id but when i want to sign in it says you have been sign out, error 8002a224.

    can you help me please ?

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    hlias88 Guest
    this is psidpatch is not work on rogero 2.05 error 8002A224

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    Apr 2005


    From the included ReadMe file (and also 0x00): "if the ID isn't valid you'll get a nice 8002A224 error."

    "It is my opinion that PSN issues bans via Console ID, using a white list policy, (8002a227 = console ID ban code), if you use an invalid console ID = 8002a224."

    "If you used a genuine console ID (L1 to patch inside psid) you will be able to connect to PSN, if you get error "0x8002a224" the console ID is not genuine."

    PSIDPatch Versions:

    Some related guides:

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    barny80 Guest
    Can someone tell me, what is the correct way to find your console ID? I have tried the Nand dump method, it didn't work, i tried the savegame method, it didn't work either, nor did the proxy method. Please help me somebody!

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    jensen76 Guest
    start multiman and take a look under settings

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    barny80 Guest
    Thanks, i've been looking everywhere but there...

    Quote Originally Posted by jensen76 View Post
    start multiman and take a look under settings
    Now another question. Is there a method you can find out a OFW console ID which still works? i mean after the patching...

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    SuperDDt Guest
    How to get a valid ID ?

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    deicidemilan Guest
    I am on Rogero CEX-4.46 v1.01 with Toolbox for StealthMan and i have an Error (8002A224) I try few things but nothing work

    Please help me to find solution.

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    azat501 Guest
    Sometime ago i pick random numbers and find another id but it was banned too so i gave up. If i could play online games there is not many game i would like to play so i dont want to waste my time and wait easier ways to use. Thanks for you works and please keep going for us.

    Good job.

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    Blazt Guest
    Hi there ps3 hack noob here but, I keep finding conflicting information... Will this work with newest code or only on custom fw.

    I have a unit that apear to have a PSN ban, forgot to mention this one does have 4.46 on it.

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