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    I am 100% agree with whinis.

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    1. It was a sudden drop, it's what actually made me search my product to see if anyone had copied it. However Google just showed my home page and a few warez sites, dated from just a few days before.

    2. PSP wasn't doing bad before the piracy and had alot of developer support.

    3. Wii/DS is targeted at a different consumer base. One where piracy isn't in the mind sets as much as PS3/Xbox 360 users.

    4. Back to the topic - This will get innocent people banned. What if they live in a country with no Sony customer services (e.g. alot of countries not called america)? They can't complain and get unbanned. They are doomed, what about them?

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    Um how? have you any idea of the probability of generating a legitimate users consoleID.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pig098 View Post
    LoL... what? so stealing stuff = doesn't hurt industry??
    correct. most pirates either buy the game later, or they were never going to buy it anyway. all you have to do is look at the sales numbers for the big+good games. educate yourself.

    now some of the people that were going to buy games WILL NOT buy them due to Sony's actions. if everyone sacrificed their castle homes, 6 figure+ cars, and the other crazy things they spend money on - then they wouldn't be so hard up for cash. that's another story, though.

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    For anyone wondering, this pkg does NOT work with Geohot 3.55 - you will have to switch to a different CFW.

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    What happens when you have two PS3's with the same PSID and username? Is this possible?

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    any updates on this? is this still working?

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    i've got to agree with superste2201 on this one as lots of third world countries may don't have a sony customer services.

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    i need help with this please support me ?

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    You will have to be more specific if you want someone to help, include things like what you did, where you are stuck, error messages, etc.

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