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Thread: PSIDPatch 1.5 Arrives, Now Changes PS3 Console ID Sent to PSN

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    ok... i took the effort in trying to get a banned PS3 online. Unfortunatly it still gets the same error when i want to log in to PSN... could be i am doing something wrong though... This is what i did:
    • Started the program and changed my ID
    • Started the app on my windows computer
    • Tried to log in... but failed... Happely i have 1 Legit ps3 were i can go online with.

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    Steele Guest
    So I'm running Geohots 3.55 CFW and I can't get the pkg to install. I'm fairly new to the PS3 hacking scene. Anyone have any ideas or does this JUST work on kmeaw?

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    NCSUfan Guest
    May I ask what you did to get banned?

    Were you JUST using cfw or were you also using game save exploits etc stuff like that to cheat online?

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    superste2201 Guest
    First you all say that you do not care if you get banned and use CFW because of this fact. Then when you get banned you all want to get back online to PSN (illegally and breaking many laws). The place where the terms and conditions is exactly what you apparently dispise.

    What is even worse is that using this you will get online for 10 minutes max with the possiblility of getting an innocent person banned. What if they live in a country with no Sony customer services (e.g. alot of countries not called america)? They can't complain and get unbanned. They are doomed, what about them?

    More so it is a proven fact that over 99% of users that use CFW and console hacks do so for piracy. And sony is evil?

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    Ebani Guest
    I don't care if Sony bans me bc of installing cfw on my console but what does that have to do with trying to get it back? About breaking many laws, companies T.O.S are far from laws.

    It's true most people care only about piracy (piracy doesn't actually hurts the industry but let's not talk about that ) but i don't know about Sony being evil, as far as i'm concerned $ony only cares about number one, same as pirates.

    P.D: I'm not condoning in any way piracy, if it's illegal is the government's job to enforce the law and your civil ethics to respect it.

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    Apr 2005
    Here is another update to PSIDPatch 1.6 with the changelog below from the ReadMe file:

    Updated PSIDPatch 1.6, seems there were 2 extra places in Lv-2 where your ConsoleID is stored that I didn't notice, now PSIDPatch changes them too.

    Updated PSIDPatch 1.5, now it can also change the Console ID sent to PSN, although if the ID isn't valid you'll get a nice 8002A224 error. Included a sample consoleid.txt file too.

    Updated PSIDPatch 1.2 for 3.55 consoles. SELF is signed and the package is "signed". 1.2 also lets you generate a random PSID now, no need for txt files Also, removed the confirmation screens.

    PSID is your playstation's unique identifier to Sony, this program will patch the loaded PSID in memory to one of your choice. This won't permanently patch your PSID, but *MIGHT* let you fool PSN. Best way to test this is for somebody with a banned PS3 to try changing it and going online.

    Please note that I'm not sure if PSID is what is actually used for bans! Apparently the ID used for banning is generated using the PSID, but I think that the result of this generation *MIGHT* be stored somewhere in memory. If it is, this tool is worthless for PSN until that result is found.

    Made and tested on a 3.41 PS3 for 1.0, 3.55 PS3 for 1.2... Although not tested online by me! If your using a different version and patching doesn't work properly please contact me and we'll work out a fix

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    pig098 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Ebani View Post
    It's true most people care only about piracy (piracy doesn't actually hurts the industry but let's not talk about that ) but i don't know about Sony being evil, as far as i'm concerned $ony only cares about number one, same as pirates.
    LoL... what? so stealing stuff = doesn't hurt industry??

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    soulmonger Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by superste2201 View Post
    More so it is a proven fact that over 99% of users that use CFW and console hacks do so for piracy. And sony is evil?
    I am so tired of people coming around here saying that it is PROVEN that EVERYONE that is using a CFW or homebrew in any way is doing so for piracy. Please show me a survey or a study or even a paragraph written by a reputable source that indicates that your number are anywhere near accurate please. Until then kindly shut up until you know what your talking about.

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    superste2201 Guest
    Ok so you don't care about getting banned but will try and get it back? If you didn't care you wouldn't try and get it back.

    I said breaking the law & the T.O.S not that breaking the T.O.S is breaking the law.

    Piracy does hurt the industry. Ask any developer. I am a web developer, once one of my web apps was leaked on a scripts warez site. Guess what? My revenue went down about 30% right after this happened. Yes it's a different industry but ask any developer in any industry, if any of there programs have been pirated they will take a big hit in revenue.

    Another good example is the PSP, riddled with piracy so much that many developers stopped making games for it. Hurting all the legit users, developers and Sony.

    It you say piracy doesn't hurt the industry you are an idiot and have no idea what you are talking about.

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    whinis Guest
    Unless you yourself posted the script you have no idea why your revenues went down, it could be because of market saturation or your charging too much. Also if you give the psp as an example you are proving you know nothing about gaming.

    The psp was a relatively expensive machine that not only used a weird format for games but also had a low amount of people buying said games. With the exception of one or two games every game I got for the psp sucked. Its is difficult to make a working game with only 2 shoulder buttons and 1 joystick, the funky game controls are enough to make any developer or consumer not buy the games.

    To counter your psp piracy argument lets look at the ds which was also hacked and in a similar way to the psp (the flashcards allow complete control). It has rampant piracy however the sales of the DS continue to skyrocket at an alarming rate, Games for the ds are still being developed and sold, and Nintendo seems to care little about it. Also the Wii, Same thing hacked early fully open, games are made like crazy, wii's selling like crazy, developers flipping mad with money, and now Microsoft and Sony are trying to copy the wii.

    Back to the topic, I do no believe Sony should ban anyone. They should take the Nintendo approach (there little brother). Nintendo does not ban if it detects piracy has already stopped trying to prevent as far as I can tell and only bans people for using cheats online. This approach keeps nintendo happy with money and the consumers happy with play time.

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