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    True but still not fair as you are thinking about number 1 and not other peeps who use it legit and all the hassle it will cause them because they will still be banned and someone else said the ban the PSID and the account i would be really ticked off if someone was to get my account banned along with my PSID as i buy alot of stuff from psn (i own 3 PS3's and my kids have a psp each) so really long run or not it's not fair to use someone else to get what you want.


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    Thanks for the file... I wont be personally using this until i know it's safe, but this means its one step closer to accomplishing something big.

    Sony will try to fix this, but then some one will fix that, and then something else and then something else, so stop complaining and get over it.

    There are millions of combinations, if you are that worried then why dont you go change your wi-fi encryption key every two hours so the house across the street wont steal your internet connection via wireless... its pretty much the same thing.

    What are the chances out of millions of combinations (over 67 million combinations [consoles sold] last year alone) don't freakin worry!

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    Wrong! M$ has been banning consoles for quite a while. They have Live and Sony has PSN. They're both online networks for gaming capabilities. It's no different.

    If Sony wants to ban consoles it can be done! It's already been done in a few circumstances. It has nothing to do with you owning the console bud!

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    why don't we go to psn board and ask for someone's ps3 id... that way those asskissers over there will know the truth about Sony

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    I 100% agree with those saying that these apps aren't a good idea at all, due to the possibility of a perfectly legit user getting banned. You hack your PS3 full knowing that a PSN ban WILL happen to you sooner or later. It's your fault so live with it - don't put others at risk for something they don't deserve.

    Pirating is one thing, being a completely selfish prick is another.

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    LOL... remember that you are IN their network

    Just tested this on my not yet banned PS3... no mail so far ^^. Wonder if i can go online with my banned ps3.

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    The author says in the description h'es not sure if it will work and asks someone with a banned ps3 to try it and post results... would you happen to be that fellow or no?

    I'm not banned (yet?) but it'd be mighty comforting knowing that there is a way back on PSN should it happen.

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    How do you guys go about this? I want to test it, but i only get the error message everytime i randomize de IDs....

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    Go tell Sony about it. If a legit user get banned, he'll complain and be mad. Then Sony will say it's the hackers fault. No it's not. THEY pissed the LEGIT users that wanted to use Linux and PSN. Now go on and find a more decent way of banning.

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    I would say that i'm a fairly legit user, I've got a bunch of homebrew and a few emulators installed, but not care all that much for pirate games etc. I recently changed my hard drive in my ps3, and would like to get all the psn games that I have bought, by redownloading them.

    I'm currently running a custom firmware, so if I go online i guess I am likely to be banned (if that warning email i recieved is true).
    If I use this tool, will the PSN content be decrypted properly, or will it only work for the console ID that I used at the time of connecting to PSN?

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