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    I think Dev's should stop releasing these ID spoofers, if Sony can't ban your ID, they will probably start banning whole consoles next. Which would make it even harder in th long run if people want PSN.. But i think having your console hacked and trying to go on PSN now is a bad idea. Its either, buy another PS3 or just stay offline.

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    Sony is already banning both Consoles and Accounts tied to those consoles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DXN3585 View Post
    They can't see your PS3 MAC address, MAC addresses are for device identification within a network. If they were to see a MAC address it would be your modems MAC address.
    This is a very gray area, and this is not strictly true, your LAN mapping can be retrieved in a number of ways. And one silly way is having your RIP settings switch on in your router, or have your PS3 connected to something that has full Internet access, on the likely hood of Sony using worms.

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    What if you randomly change it and pick someone elses psid and they get banned, personally don't think this homebrew is a good idea and the wrong road to go down.

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    Hahahaha. That's Sony's problem. Let them deal with it.

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    What's stopping Sony from sending a command to your PS3 to revel its MAC address to them? Don't forget, Sony has all the backdoor keys to your system and they can have it broadcast any information they want. The PS3 is essentially a giant rootkit in the shape of a gaming console.

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    I tried randomizing, not working so far.

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    I agree with you its not fair i don't use my modded ps3 online so i shouldn't get banned. My point is its wrong to do this sort of thing if you get banned thats because you violated the TOS/terms you deserve it its not fair to go using someone else's console ID just to get back online and for it to get banned again i mean lets say you do it you spoof/clone a console ID you get online for how long ? 30 mins 10 mins 1 hour then what ?

    you have to find another console ID just to play again for a bit not worth it for all the work you have to do then the person who`s console ID you have used will be banned and for all you know they might buy lots of stuff from PSN i know i do then what is sony detect 2 console with the same ID online what then ?

    ITS JUST NOT WORTH IT if you wanna go online buy another console if you dont then put up with offline games.


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    PSIDPatch Guide

    They won't be able to ban consoles as you own them, they can just ban from psn only.. a guide from facanferff is below:

    This method was tested by myself with my banned console (error 8002A227, could not log in to PSN or create new accounts, so permanent ban). If you have any problem in executing this method, please tell me.

    IMPORTANT: You can find some problems in some games while trying to play online, but generally you can play online.

    Tools required:

    1. I hope that you put the new CA24.cer in dev_flash/data/cert
    1. Download PS3DNS-GUI
    2. Run “PS3DNS-GUI.exe” and choose your ip and region
    3. Go to Tools -> Rewrite -> PS3DNS – eth0 -> Rules -> Add
    4. Put every field like in the image, where in the image it says “your console id…” you have to write your original (banned) console id with no spaces:

    PSIDPatch 1.5 Arrives, Now Changes PS3 Console ID Sent to PSN-wtvkec-jpg

    5. Click ok -> ok (of course)

    6. Go to your PS3, in DNS set in primary your pc’s ip, activate proxy, in host enter again your pc’s ip and in port enter 8888. Then you can test to confirm that you have network.

    7. Try to log in to PSN (it can take some time, about 1 minute)

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    Think about it though it the long run. If little Timmy's PS3 keeps getting banned and he's not doing anything wrong since others are using his consoles ID, then sony will have to stop banning consoles or figure out something else.

    (If your going to play online, don't be a cheater, cheaters are lame)

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