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    Apr 2005

    PSIDPatch 1.0 Arrives, Change Your PS ID for PlayStation Network

    Today stoker25 has released PSIDPatch 1.0 which allows users to change their PS ID's for PlayStation Network, however, PSGroove notes that you must change them to a valid PSN ID versus a random Console ID as follows:

    Download: PSIDPatch 1.0 with Source Code

    "Changing your PSID to a fake one would protect your console from being permanently banned. However, reports are coming in that using a made up Console ID does not allow you on PSN. This probably means you'd need to swap your ID with another legitimate one."

    To quote: Saw Mathiuelh talking about swapping PSIDs on his twitter, as soon as I saw him talking about extracting one from an LV2 dump I knew it would be possible to patch

    PSID is your PlayStation's unique identifier to Sony, this program will patch the loaded PSID in memory to one of your choice. This won't permanently patch your PSID, but should let you fool PSN. Best way to try this is for somebody with a banned PS3 to try changing it and going online.

    Made and tested on a 3.41 PS3... if your using a different version and patching doesn't work properly please contact me and we'll work out a fix.


    - Shows you current PSID
    - Patch PSID from dev_usb/psid.txt
    - Choose USB to load from
    - (should add) Save PSID to dev_usb/orig_psid.txt

    This uses the peek and poke syscalls in order to patch your PSID. Please make sure your using a payload which uses them (PL3 dev for example)


    Create a text file called psid.txt on root of your USB
    Put 32 hex characters inside (e.g. 1234567890ABCDEFFEDCBA0987654321)
    Install package
    Run PSIDPatch
    Select USB with Up/Down
    Press X to patch.

    Technical Stuff:

    PSID starts at 0x800000000044A18C in memory (3.41), it is 16 bytes long.

    Mathieulh/RichDevX - bragging about PSID stuff on twitter, if it was a private convo I never would of started this
    user - Fixing CFWLoad code so no SCE confidential stuff is included, thanks man

    Edit: While I haven't personally tested this online, facanferff has said that changing their PSID to a random one and going on PSN with a banned console doesn't work. I'm assuming that PSN operates in a whitelist way, only allowing PS3s with PSIDs inside the Authorised database online or something. They could even use other parts of the PS3 for identification, such as BD-ROM serial or MAC address.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Jes03 Guest
    Nice. Just before $ony start the banwave we get this.

    There is no stopping the PS3 homebrew/jailbreak scene now.

    $ony - 1
    Jailbreakers - 100

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    SolidSoki Guest
    OMG... Good work.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Excellent, this takes a giant dump over any ban plans Sony has. Even if it requires a legit ID that still thoroughly screws over Sony because then random jailbreak users will be using the IDs of others, banning those would actually make Sony look even worse than they do now.

    That and eventually get Sony sued when they ban enough legit users. I didn't think Sony could possibly make their reputation any more despicable, I stand corrected.

    Edit: I just saw the edit, still, it's a great step.

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    DarkAntiMatter Guest
    Let me just say that when I changed my PSID to a made up one, I could still log in... This may mean that this will not offer full protection when the banhammer falls, because if I could still get on with a random PSID, then chances are something else is part of the check, probably that your other PS3 unique IDs are recorded when your PS3 is banned, so it seems this breaks one (which is still great) of Sony's many, many, many walls of protection.

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    SolidSoki Guest
    I have a problem, see this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    jensen76 Guest
    if I have a ps3 with 3.50 how do I find out which PSID it has?
    so I can make the PSID on my ps3 with 3.41?

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    SolidSoki Guest
    This is useless because the ban is in MAC no ID .

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    d3adliner Guest
    "facanferff has said that changing their PSID to a random one and going on PSN with a banned console doesn't work"

    Wait... as far as I know no one has a banned console yet.

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    unknowndarkuser Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by d3adliner View Post
    "facanferff has said that changing their PSID to a random one and going on PSN with a banned console doesn't work"

    Wait... as far as I know no one has a banned console yet.
    a few ppl do have a banned console doing misc. things that were inappropriate, like one guy has his account banned from using a hacked credit card on his ps3 to buy stuff from PSN last year.

    and this atm doesn't help much as the Ban is towards something else either the MAC address as stated above them being able to ban the Console ID since the PSN ID is derived from our console ID.

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