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    Epicryu Guest
    i just finish crafting mine and i don't have the led issue everything works fine (i compile the psgroove code with the playload (descriptor.h) for peek and poke and add the offset patch)^

    i will add pics when i take them ^^

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    Epicryu Guest
    i don't really follow a strict scheme i just use the teensy official scheme for base.

    the Pics of the board

  3. #43
    dead5times Guest
    This is my home-made dongle, made almost entirely out of used parts. The at90usb162 was robbed from an xbox360 "Scene-it" IR reciever and the rest was scavanged from dead electronics I had laying around. The only new part was the pcb, which I freehanded the traces using a Sharpie.

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    kamatschka Guest
    Hi there... Can someone say which diodes to use instead of the dual diode BAT54C ?

    They don't seem to have them here in my town... I am going to buy some tomorrow and need to know which axial diodes I can choose for a DiY Teensy! ?

    Thank you

  5. #45
    Red 13 Guest
    You can use two regular schottky diodes to replace the BAT54C

  6. #46
    kamatschka Guest
    But which?! Do I need to look for specific specifications to choose the right ones or doesen't it really matter! ?!

  7. #47
    kamui957 Guest
    I'm probobly going to set off the "noob" alarm here but here goes...

    I would love to make my own dongle, however schematics and such are a bit beyond me. I'm wanting to utilize the at90usb646/7 due to the ability to support custom payloads, something most premade dongles can't do. I'm also rather good at soldering and a quick learner.

    Can anybody see where I'm going with this?

    My plea to anyone who's made a working clone, or at least knows how, where would I need to go and what would I need to learn to get myself to the point that I could build my own clone?

    Or would it be possible to get a step by step construction method for a board that isn't in sch and brd formats for those of us that don't do any electrical engineering... yet.

    Either would be nice, or rather, any consideration of either would be nice.

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    apjmax Guest
    hi friends. i have a question. what is the best schematic an hex to jailbreak the ps3?

    there is several options, but i dont know what is the most able to work.

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