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    Red 13 Guest

    DIY Teensy 1.0 AT90USB162-16AU Prototyping Board


    Just finished my stripped Teensy 1.0, made on a Prototyping Board. And it works I had to modify my printboard layout slightly, to make more rom for the crystal, and the switch. The soldering of the IC whent smoother then i had expected. The legs are very thin, and breaks easily with a wire attached to them... So after i had solderd all the wires to the IC, i dipped it in super glue.

    I used the BAT54C Schottky diode, and its a SMD, so its wery small. I could have just used two regular Schottky diodes. I also soldered the usb cabels shielding to the print board, to take the stress of the usb wires. Also "made" a housing for the board, from somthing i had inn my back pocket

    I didn't get it to work in Win7, it wouldn't accept the drivers. Works perfect in XP. I used Flip to do the flashing, and the teensy 1.0 hex file.

    Parts List:
    Ceramic capacitors
    3x 1uf
    1x 0,1uf
    2x 10pf

    Metal film resistors
    2X 22
    2x 1k

    1x Led
    1X BAT54C Schottky diode, or two regular Schottky diodes

    1x Miniature switch (Print key)
    1x Atmel AT90USB162-16AU IC
    1x 16MHz crystal (HC-49)
    1x USB cabel
    1x Prototyping Board
    28awg or 30awg wire
    Glue, epoxy or super glue

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Very nice job Red 13 +Rep, and Thanks for sharing the parts list and layout you used.

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    ydgmms Guest
    Is your LED working properly?

    edit: See the pics now.. it appears yours is working. I wonder why mine doesn't seem to work. I guess I'll have to quadruple check everything.

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    Red 13 Guest

    Yes it works. Have you checked that it is installed correct, anode/cathode? If you look at the led from the side, tru the plastic, the big part is the anode (+). Do you know the operation voltage of your LED?

    You can also use an ohmmeter and mesure between pin 12 on the IC and GND while you are booting up the ps3, without pushing the eject button. It should read close to 0 ohm. Then you know that there is nothing wrong with the IC and the hex.

    Is it possible to edit the hex file so the led operation is reversed?

    Now it comes on during booting, and the switches off after.

    I want it to do the opposit, come on when the ps3 is switched on, then go off during booting, to show a sucessfull boot, then come on again to show that i am using the jailbreak. Or do i have to do some soldering? A NOT gate would do the job.

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    doubljdog Guest
    This may be a dumb question, but would a maximus USBXtractor probe for key extraction on xbox 360 liteons be reprogrammable in anyway? Or is it a simple usb-serial type of connection there, just curious if it had any sort of microcontroller in there that would be similar.

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    ydgmms Guest
    Polarity was correct.

    However, I did not even THINK about operating voltage of the LED. I know it was a higher powered LED, from my old Xbox1 modding days. It was a good led, but yeah I've since lost the specs on it... But thanks for that, its something I'll have to test out tomorrow.

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    killpacient Guest
    hey there... just finished building up my pcb. its a teesy 1.0 + a little modification. I removed the bat54c (its not that necesarry kinda usless actually) and placed the led pin12>led>res>gnd. mini usbconnector and one 000 resistor (bridge) it`s designed to work with at90usb162 cuz i didn't found any other chip.

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    ydgmms Guest
    Nope. Still no LED love for me and my Teensy1.0 clone (at90usb162 based).

    Oh well.. saves me a few cents on parts for other ones.

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    killpacient Guest


    is it possible to use an AT90usb82 instead of at90usb162? i can`t find it anywhere in my country

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    GSI2 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ydgmms View Post
    Nope. Still no LED love for me and my Teensy1.0 clone (at90usb162 based).

    Oh well.. saves me a few cents on parts for other ones.
    Can't make them work also :s but its all working perfectly i'm fxping games to my new HDD 500G

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