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    Registered User jenis's Avatar
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    Funny how i am looking for a free solution to jailbreak and all the devices i have like ipod nano 3rd generation isn't supported by rockbox!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drunk Vegan View Post
    There will never be a "normal" USB version....
    never say never. when the first modchips for ps2 arived nobody ever expected that there will be a modchip less version trought using a memorycard with a program on it.

    i saw my professor on the university doing such crazy things with a microcontroller and assambler code. everything is possible if you have enought space for asm code and a controller who can execute the code.

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    hey everyone, I Jailbroke the PS3, it worked ! But i don't know, where should i put the .pkg files ?

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    Put them on a separate USB drive.

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    Here is an updated version that uses a newer PSgroove Payload (I'm not sure if it's Hermes, but it runs the Backup Manager v1).
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    Was just about to order as well. Luckily seen this before I ordered. Tried and working with blackb0x ftp being the only thing I installed so far.

    Will wait till an official rel comes out. I'm in no hurry

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    Alright man thx it worked

    My USB should have been FAT32 so i formatted and i'm backing up Prince Of Persia now... let's see what will happen next.

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    on the rockbox site i read that this port only work on some systems rockbox supporting. not on all.

    can somebody confirm that it is working on a sansa clip?

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    Good news everybody. Here is a rockbox version that will work with backup manager to play backups.
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    does this work on ipod nano 2g..? when i replaced the file and a message showed up "cant load rockbox.ipod... bad checksum"

    what should i do?


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