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Thread: PSGroove PS3 JailBreak Ported to Rockbox and Working on IPods

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    Quote Originally Posted by j3tblk View Post
    Can someone please point me to the rockbox version of ALL_BOARDS_PL3_NOUNAUTH_355_SPOOF ? Thank you!
    See here:

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    lordcheddar Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bitsbubba View Post
    mine does this some times I'm thinking it's the battery, just be persistant let it recharge a bit then again.
    Just a quick FYI.. These supported ipod models are older 5gen was last manufactured in last 2006. As a result the ipod charge cycle are likely expired which results in lower battery life.

    AS the ipod needs to be reset (sometimes multiple times) in order to get the timing right to jailbreak the ps3, this will have a dramatic effect on battery life. Resetting the ipod is a battery intensive task.

    If the unit shuts down reset it.. if still not turning on connect to power(ac adapter works best) for 7-10 mins and hard reset while connected to power.

    If the device does not appear in itunes/windows go to and search for ipod not detected. If this is a win xp machine you MAY need to reinstall itunes, if the device does not appear in windows confirm it appears in device manager(if a yellow triangle appears redownload usb drivers)

    also remember when using a non-apple OS on an apple device the battery may drain faster/slower depending on the demand on the processor.

    I hope this helps.

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    Oreon Guest
    Every payload i try from here on my Nano 1G doesn't work. I can play games only with a game disc in, but no PSN because when i go on PSN i get the message that i have to update my PS3.

    At system settings it does say 3.50... Does anyone know how to fix this problem ?


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    OGroteKoning Guest
    If you get into JB mode then it means it works - that is when you see 2 new options under the game menu in the XMB. Some games can only be played with a disc in the BD player.

    For now, the only way to get onto PSN is by updating. $ony has plugged all the loopholes to get onto PSN with a JB PS3.

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    Oreon Guest
    Thanks for the reply! Hmm, that's too bad!

    I just ordered a PS3Key, will that be better use then a Nano 1G ?



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    3xodus Guest
    There's no difference AFAIK. Obviously, using a dedicated dongle for the job is better, but, for me, using my old Nano 1G is better, just because I get to keep it alive.

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    Colnechris Guest
    Ok guys I really don't get this. I tried Rockbox.ipod payload a page or 2 back and I get a bad checksum error. When I revert back to the Hermes payload I was using it works fine again.

    Anyone got a working payload to downgrade the nano 1g. I am following the guide in the other topic but having problems with the payload.


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    fgdgafdf Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by OGroteKoning View Post
    26. Restart your iPod. You will see the iPLoader with the following options
    Apple OS
    PSGroove PL3 PSN Spoof
    Disk Mode
    I followed the guide step by step. I have a 30GB video ipod 5G. When I restart the ipod the loader shows Apple OS, Disk Mode, and Sleep, but does not show the psgroove or rockbox options. Any clues?

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    You must have done something wrong. Retrace all the steps and pay particular attention to the following:

    The PSGroove folder on the iPod will be where you will copy all your payloads which you will want to use. If you are willing to experiment a bit, you can edit the loader.cfg yourself to add more than one payload depending on which payload you wish to use. This way you don't have to swop out rockbox.ipod files all the time. You must rename the payload file. I renamed it PL3PSNS.ipod (PL3=PL3 payload; PSN=PSN access; S=spoof). You can name it anything you want to but it must be the same as referred to in the loader.cfg file. See step 18.

    21. Download the payload you wish to use (for the purpose of this exercise and to install the PL3 payload with PSN access and spoofing to 3.50, I used the one I got from a post by bitsbubba (thanks mate) and renamed it to PL3PSNS.ipod

    22. Copy PL3PSNS.ipod to the PSGroove folder in the iPod
    23. Eject your iPod

    This is what my loader.cfg looks like now:
    Apple OS @ ramimg
    Rockbox @ (hd0,1)/.rockbox/rockbox.ipod
    PSGroove Hermes v4B @ (hd0,1)/PSGroove/H4B.ipod
    PSGroove Hermes v4B PSN @ (hd0,1)/PSGroove/HPSN.ipod
    PSGroove Hermes v4B PSN Spoof @ (hd0,1)/PSGroove/H4BPSNS.ipod
    PSGroove PL3 PSN Spoof @ (hd0,1)/PSGroove/PL3PSNS.ipod
    PSGroove CE-X Spoof @ (hd0,1)/PSGroove/CEX.ipod
    Disk Mode @ diskmode
    Sleep @ standby

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    fgdgafdf Guest
    I have undone everything and started from scratch several times now, always with the same result.

    This might sound dumb, but do I have to actually have the ipod plugged into the ps3 to see the jailbreaker on the loader screen?

    This is my last attempts loader file:
    Apple OS @ ramimg
    Rockbox @ (hd0,1)/.rockbox/rockbox.ipod
    PSGroove HWM @ (hd0,1)/PSGroove/HWM.ipod
    PSGroove Hermes v4B @ (hd0,1)/PSGroove/H4B.ipod
    PSGroove PL3 PSN Spoof @ (hd0,1)/PSGroove/PL3PSNS.ipod
    Disk Mode @ diskmode
    Sleep @ standby
    with the corresponding .ipod files in the the PSGroove folder.

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