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    Does PSGrade work with this method?

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    Nov 2010
    Not yet, but, hopefully, it will soon.

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    Mar 2010
    I hope it will ! I upgrade into 3.50 but I will not do the same mistake.

    By the way, is the method using RockBox as good as a dongle (same compatibility) ?

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    From what I read, the Rockbox downgrade method is available HERE.

    (I have my fingers crossed. They say the Sansa e200 is working too, which is what I have. )

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    Mar 2010
    After an afternoon of compiling files, I've got a working version of a modified RockBox firmware. But I didn't try to downgrade because of my GT5

    Here is the file, it's working on my iPod (no bug). You just have to replace the file on your player. Just don't forget to make a backup of the original file if there's a problem.

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    So did someone test Link14īs file? Is the downgrade working?

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    Mar 2010
    If the firmware doesn't work, I can try to re-compile it. If someone tested it, it should be nice to post a comment here !

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    i really noob at this. Never jailbreaked the PS3, nor installed rockbox on an ipod, besides i havenīt had much time latelly. Iīll try it out when i get some time. Thanks Link14!

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    Nov 2010

    I cannot get my ipod 4G Photo get my phat 40Gb PS3. I'm trying to downgrade from 3.50 to the modded 3.41 version. Here's what I did:
    • I have installed a fresh copy of Rockbox 3.7.1.
    • Created a "PsGrade" folder at the ipod root directory
    • Placed the ipod4gphoto version of rockbox.ipod
    • Ejected ipod from computer
    • Reboot ipod
    • Plug in ipod to PS3 and go to Files>PsGrade folder
    • Turn on the PS3 switch at the back
    • Click on rockbox.ipod in the PsGrade folder
    • Waited for rockbox to do a soft reboot
    • After rockbox reboot, pressed power/eject sequence on PS3
    • Waits for it to shut down automatically, but instead it loads to the regular XMB menu without the factory service mode banner
    • Turned off PS3 with the PS button
    • Pressed power button, hoping that on start up it will show the factory service banner
    • Still boots into the regular XMB menu

    Now I'm stuck... Help please???

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    Sep 2010
    Can someone please point me to the rockbox version of ALL_BOARDS_PL3_NOUNAUTH_355_SPOOF ? Thank you!

    been searching for 3 days now...

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