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Thread: PSGroove PS3 JailBreak Ported to Rockbox and Working on IPods

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    C4rn4g3 Guest
    Hello, I'm new here and wanted to ask a quick question.

    I have a ps3 phat with firmware 3.15. Would I be able to jailbreak it using my Ipod 5g?

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    themcrookedvult Guest
    Hey C4rna4g3,

    If you can find your Ipod on the list of supported devices from, there will probably be a payload for it.
    If your device is not on the list you won't be able to jailbreak with it.

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    C4rn4g3 Guest
    On the site it says: Stable ports

    Rockbox runs well on these players, has a complete manual and is supported by the installer:

    * Apple: iPod 1g through 5.5g, iPod Mini, iPod Nano 1g and iPod Nano 2g

    So I should be good. But my other issue is that I'm running firmware 3.15. I read somewhere that the jailbreak is for fw 3.41/50 Is that still the case? And if so what are my options??

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    bitsbubba Guest
    I believe JB is possible on FW 3.01- FW 3.41, at the moment nothing above FW 3.41, was that iPod video5g?

    at the moment 3.41 is the highest you can go and still be able to JB, unfortunately GT5 will not play on any FW other than 3.50 (being worked on as we speak)

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    ssantocono Guest
    Hi everybody.

    I've been travelling for the last couple of weeks and out of the forums. Today I tried to connect to PSN with my jailbroken PS3 and it asked for an update. PSN was working fine for me two weeks ago.

    Did Sony updated PSN to avoid jailbroken logins?? Or do I have a problem with my payload?


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    Apr 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by ssantocono View Post
    Did Sony updated PSN to avoid jailbroken logins?? Or do I have a problem with my payload?
    Yep, they did block it... see here:

    At the moment the current CE-X hybrid payload will not work with PSN yet, but it is being investigated so for now you can not access PSN without updating your PS3 Firmware.

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    povinhodoze Guest
    Hey guys, please help me here, i'm getting crazy with this! Iīm not able to play ps3 games downloaded from the internet in any way!

    Iīve downloaded the rockbox and installed in the ipod and them downloaded the payload and changed it with the original file.

    I downloaded some games, put them in the folder GAMEZ of my extern hdd and put them with the name that they came, BLES or BLUS something.

    I made the jailbreak and them installed open manager. Then, when I try to play the games, It only gives me errors.

    With the pes 2011 in the extern hdd, gives me a black screen and says me to connect the controller to the ps3 with the usb cable and then says me that couldnīt iniciate the system and to press PS button to reinicialize the system, and after this the ps3 comes to normal mode.

    I tried to play Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 in the extern hdd, but when I try to play gives me the error 80010019. The manager then patch it, but gives the same error again. Plus, after I select the game in the manager, I canīt open the manager again because gives me the error 80010006.

    Then, I tried to play Danteīs Inferno and Bayonetta from the external hdd and this time gives me the error 80010017.

    It only gives me errors and errors! I already tried to play pes 2011 from the internal hdd, but the result is the same. I tried do play with a disc insertted and without it and the result is the same. I tried diferent payload, hermes v3, hermves v4 and v4b, PL 3 and the result is the same.

    Iīve tried different managers and the result is the same.
    Iīve tried with Rockbox version 3.7 and 3.6 and the result is the same.
    I had restaured my ipod with the itunes to make a clean installation, but doesnīt work, because the result is the same.
    I already made a quick format to my ps3, but even this way, the result is the same!

    What the heck is happening? The ps3 is new (ps3 slim 160gb), I have the fw 3.41 obviously, I have a ipod video 5g. Iīve read different guides and try different games to put this working, but the fact is that I can jailbreak my ps3, but I canīt play any game!

    Should I copy the games from the external hdd to the internal hdd even they are gave me errors? Should I make a total format to the ps3 (It takes 9 hours to format)? Are these errors happening because of the external hdd Iīm using? Itīs a external hdd of 20gb..

    And read this: I also tried to put a original bluray game (Sega Supperstar Tennis), copied it to the internal hdd and them tried to run, this time no error but give me a black screen!

    Please help me, I donīt know what to do.. Just tried to play fifa 11, from internal and external.. This time no error, but instead, when I try to play the game, it always come back to the ps3 menu. I used PL3 and Hermes v4B, and none worked..

    Something is wrong here..

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    xxx big xxx Guest
    Wow you have been hard at work here, but Sega Supperstar Tennis is not on the list, got to stick to the list. Try finding a game you own thats on the list. Then back it up. Test and post results. I havent tried using others backups. So i am in no position to help there. But i can make my own backups and play them.

    Ipod 5gvideo + 320gb slim + 4gb usb memory stick + Ps3news = total happiness

    Thanks to all who have helped everyone to achieve total happiness.

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    blak9012 Guest

    sansa e200v1 help!!

    does anyone know how to install psgroove on sansa e200v1 with rockbox?

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    3xodus Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by blak9012 View Post
    does anyone know how to install psgroove on sansa e200v1 with rockbox?
    Grab a payload for your E200 :

    PL3 / Hermes v4b:


    There's a guide on the 1st post. Follow it step by step. PSGroove Ported to Rockbox for Sansa e200 Series and Others Guide:

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