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  1. #621
    RaffieKol Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bitsbubba View Post
    don't haven't tried, still using ID I had for years
    Ok cool, I went to this site below on my PC and signed up for a new account and then used it to sign in thanks for all your help


  2. #622
    bitsbubba Guest
    new payloads from reala!!!!

  3. #623
    nikola989 Guest
    finally hermes,i prefer hermes,pl 3 freeze ps3 often to me ..just after i fix permissions is there anything new to this payloads or its just hermes spoof 3.50?

  4. #624
    fujitsu Guest
    I'm using PL3 PSN Evilsperm (math fix + netkas fix + 3.50 spoof) what is the difference to HermesV4b_PSN_350Spoof hermes has the math and netkas patch ?

    Rockbox doesn't load here !

    Undefined instruction at 000868C6 (0) freeze

  5. #625
    Tartarus Guest
    hey do we have a PL3 PSN for the video 5g? I see the hermes one ( havent tried yet ) but was looking for the pl3 one

    also Video5g HermesV4b PSN 350Spoof does not work for me ..still asked to update firmware when i try to sign into psn...

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    bitsbubba Guest

  7. #627
    fujitsu Guest
    I got it to work, just update my rockbox to the last one ... (3.7) but freeze ps3 often to me too, Online !

    and at least here has better game compatibility...

  8. #628
    Murphy10k Guest
    Pls, can you recompile the PL3 or Hermes v4b with PSN for iPod Photo 4g, I tried the two compiled versions and the first doesn't work and with the second freezes the ipod.

  9. #629
    Tartarus Guest
    okay either one work for me... Am i missing something ?

    Using Ipod Video 5G ( 60GB ) boots up fine and game play is perfect.. just when i login to psn it asks to update and i say no it boots me out.

    Maybe i'm missing something like a update on the ipod or something ?

  10. #630
    bitsbubba Guest
    here try this one, I have video5g this is the PL3 I use.

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