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Thread: PSGroove PS3 JailBreak Ported to Rockbox and Working on IPods

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    bitsbubba Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by fl0PPsy View Post
    Should I bother compiling the nounauth payload for all devices?
    well it worked for me, when you post them you might mention Netflix (hell might work with other online streamers) that way when some one searches Netflix and iPod it will bring them right to it, hey thanks again and rep+ for you!!

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    fl0PPsy Guest
    No problem at all. It only took a few seconds to make the change.

    I'm compiling it for all devices now. I guess if you found it usefull then someone else might also. I dont get Netflix where I am so the default payload is good enough

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    bitsbubba Guest
    cool then I'll just post a link in all the Netflix threads.

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    fl0PPsy Guest
    Alright here's the PL3-NOUNAUTH-PSN-ECO-MATH for Firmware 3.41 build for all devices.

    This seems to help people get Netflix going if you have access to Netflix where you are. Thanks to bitsbubba for testing.

    Rar contains:



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    nikola989 Guest


    are these best payloads yet for accessing psn.. would it keep me away from ban if i only play my originals online?

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    fl0PPsy Guest
    The best way to avoid getting banned is not to go online with a jailbroken PS3

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    bitsbubba Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by nikola989 View Post
    are these best payloads yet for accessing psn.. would it keep me away from ban if i only play my originals online?
    no these payloads are for Netfix and other online streaming apps.

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    basketball Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by fl0PPsy View Post
    Sorry guys I should have been a bit more clear. The file I posted was for Basketball who asked for a Sansa e200 Hermes build so I posted the latest one I've been working on for him. I wasn't planning on releasing any more builds until the Hermes payload has 3.50 spoofing but since he asked and I had the file handy I posted it for him.
    Hey thanks a lot floPPsy I appreciate your help, and am gonna go try the file you gave me.

    Has there been any progress on the Hermes payload with 3.50 spoofing?

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    bitsbubba Guest
    Evilsperm is having trouble making the spoof without breaking the other patches.

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    xxx big xxx Guest
    Video5g owner, thanks all who have helped.

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