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  1. #571
    OGroteKoning Guest

    PSN Payloads

    Hi all,

    I found these more payloads. I think these are based on mathieulh's. Credit to him and id10terror.

    Again, I have not tested any yet so feedback will be appreciated! Test/use at your own risk.

    Hope this helps - let me know.

  2. #572
    fl0PPsy Guest
    Ok here are my PL3+PSN builds for people to try.

    Rar contains:-



  3. #573
    bitsbubba Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by fl0PPsy View Post
    Ok here are my PL3+PSN builds for people to try.

    does this have "spoof code" and Math patch?

  4. #574
    fl0PPsy Guest
    The Math patch is in there but not spoofing. I dont think any payload has working spoofing yet.

  5. #575
    realaace Guest
    Here are Hermes v4b + Math PSN patch for all the Ipods.


  6. #576
    drewdogg6998 Guest
    ok tried it after some dns problems, got it working thanks floppsy. my son and I are very appreciated you uploaded those payloads. PS Store worked great and My son played LIttle Big Planet online all day no Ban thank God.

  7. #577
    wwywong Guest
    I would advise not to play all days online. That open up the door for Sony to come in and see who is the bad boy. They don't ban you now doesn't mean that they won't ban you tomorrow.

    Personally I would just use it for the purpose of updating trophys. After all, even doing that they will have the trace already, so it is as risky (might be less risky than playing online all day). Just my 2 cents.

  8. #578
    juggle Guest
    I've tried all 3 payloads (hermes v4b,with Math, and PL3) for the PSN access, for an Ipod video 5g... however it still says that a system software is required when i tried accessing the PSN store.

  9. #579
    OGroteKoning Guest
    Try this one - the payloads you are using might not have PSN ability.

    Lemme know if it helps.

    UPDATE: you will be required to agree to the TOS again, but not to update firmware.

  10. #580
    juggle Guest
    it's still asking me to update the system software bro.. are you able to enter the PSN store with it?

    are we supposed to enter a specific proxy address?

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