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  1. #171
    bl0wme Guest
    anyone else getting blank black screens or freezing of games when using backup manger with hermes patch?

    i'm using it with no disc in drive as my bluray drive is faulty, Fifa 11 is the only game that works but freezes when playing season..
    i read elsewhere that there is a new patch Hermes LED FIX?

    anyone know anything bout this?


  2. #172
    natekday Guest
    Your rockbox.ipod file is wrong, try using another one that is the same size as the original.

  3. #173
    Colnechris Guest
    i get an error saying

    No partition
    Insert USB cable
    and fix it.

    inserting usb does nothing, reinstalling rockbox does nothing, I have restored my ipod using itunes and the reinstalled rockbox. I have checked the install before I patch the file. It seems to be a common problem but there is no help with it.

  4. #174
    keat Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by natekday View Post
    You need to put the manager2.pkg into the root of another flash drive.
    And wait for the PS3 to fully boot up, before you insert the flash drive.

    Quote Originally Posted by BombermanUltra View Post
    Got both of the folders to show up but one is empty and the other is giving out an error.

    I'm completely lost. What am I suppose to be doing with these?
    I was exactly the same. Search for manager2.pkg and dump this onto a fat32 USB stick, or HDD. Let your PS3 boot fully, then insert the USB device into a spare USB port. (USB device must be inserted after PS3 is running and logged on)

    You should now be able to install backup manager. Using backup manager, backup your game. (takes about an hour)

    To play, you need to do the same again..

    Boot PS3, allow to come up, (using Rockbox of course).
    Insert USB device in spare USB port, run backup manager, find your game and choose run.
    Allow the PS3 to drop back to the dashboard, open the other folder you can now run the game from there.

  5. #175
    BombermanUltra Guest
    Thanks for the help, keat. I actually got it working last night though, I've been playing KoF12 with zero error. I'll rep you anyway.

  6. #176
    thor999 Guest
    I have a Sansa Fuse, version V02.03.33A - does anyone here know if this is v1 or v2, as it only says Fuse on the case?

  7. #177
    barbnjason Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by thor999 View Post
    I have a Sansa Fuse, version V02.03.33A - does anyone here know if this is v1 or v2, as it only says Fuse on the case?
    Yes, that is a v2 Fuze.

  8. #178
    Colnechris Guest
    rockbox is complete rubbish, apple is by far the worst company in the world and ipods are crap. yes I am mad.

    how do i create a partition on ipod nano 1g as it says it cannot be found using rockbox?

  9. #179
    thor999 Guest
    Hmmm Rockbox refuses to install, says target is sansa fuze, not sansa fuze v2... anyone else have this problem, and is there a thread dedicated to the Sansas or am I best off here? BTW ty!

    Nevermind, Rockbox installed and fw upgraded. Does anyone have the .rockbox file I need to replace the original for the Fuze v2?

    The only one I could find is giving a checksum error when started.

  10. #180
    XXexidousXX Guest
    OK, i got it working... I just need to hold the eject when booting. works great.

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