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  1. #131
    kally12 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bl0wme View Post
    cheers thanks, do we have to rename them?
    What do you think needs to be renamed, and why do you think so?

  2. #132
    bl0wme Guest
    the patches as they have gm, hermes, original.. i know we have to choose one and put it in the directory but does it matter that it has the addon gm,herems or original ?

    and also how do i update rockbox, i can't get out of rockbox mode so i can open it in windows.

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    Bacalacadaca Guest
    Damn if only i hadn't let my ex borrow my ipod 5.5!

  4. #134
    need Guest
    Ok, since no one else worked on this i have learned how the compiling is done etc. in like 5 hours and here is a working iPod nano 1g release with hermes payload (no bd disc needed) and BM 2 support.

    Greets, need

  5. #135
    semitope Guest
    Here is something for you guys to try on the sansa fuze. I am asking the guy if he actually tested it, in the thread (acidmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,37609.new.html) but in the OP there is a link for rockbox psgroove ports for clip v1 and fuze (not sure which version). Could someone willing test this?

    he has removed the links. Not working I guess.

  6. #136
    chomps268 Guest
    So yea... I got it working and all, but like... I plug my ipod into my comp, and it won't show up as a device now...? Do I have to manually go into usb mode or something? Because if I do, I'm screwed seeing as my screen is all black.

  7. #137
    kally12 Guest
    If you want to boot back into the Apple OS, restart the device by pressing Menu+Center, then switch the hold button on. You'll notice it takes longer to boot than normal.

    Done. The computer should recognize the device. Get back into Rockbox mode again by rebooting the device but not have the hold switch on.

  8. #138
    neophyte5001 Guest
    I have made a preliinary discovery for those with 2nd gen ipod nanos hoping to get this working.

    I explored the option of getting a menu/bootloader onto the device so we could choose between orig apple os, rockbox, and our psgroove exploit. I thought I found a site with the answers. However, it does NOT work for 2nd gen ipod nano as its fw is encrypted, and when you install their loader you just get the restore ipod SOB screen upon reboot, regardless of the .cfg file. So, upon further searching I discovered this site: the-seven.tk/ipod/iloader/installation.php

    Follow the instructions there and you will have a custom boot loader. But that's when I run into the need for some input/help. There is, AFAIK, still no rockbox.ipod for us 2G users yet, so still screwed there. Nonetheless, this setup will have us sitting pretty for when it does come, and if I figure this out and still nothing, I'll tackle the damn thing myself.

    What is needed is a way to modify the iloader.cfg file so that it looks for rockbox.ipod at /PSGroove/ when you hit the track forward/right button on the touchwheel at the menu. That is, of course, once their is a valid rockbox.ipod file for us 2G users to put there in the first place. The aforementioned site points one to the source for iloader.conf, where one may make modifications, (as I have done) but I am not skilled enough to know how to remake into a iloader.cfg that will work.

    So if there is a kind soul out there that can trace my footsteps and perhaps fill in the blanks? Everyone with a 2G would surely be grateful, as would I.

  9. #139
    chomps268 Guest
    Thanks dude, I just got it working +rep ...now to test if that hermes backup manager works on here

    Currently backing up Demon's Souls and it's working pretty good so far.

  10. #140
    trogoldito Guest
    Thanks for adding BMv2 functionality to the ipod video ChoCoCo. It's working perfectly on my 5g 30gb.

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