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    Sep 2010
    Hey, where i can find the patched hex for PiC chip? thank you


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    I would like to dump the whole ram not only the lvl2 kernel. I know C but i don't know how i call the peek syscall from my C application. Could someone give me a short example how to do this?

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    Which is the best version to use with the minimus usb? I will be getting mine tomorrow and can't wait.

    Hoping we will be able to get a patched version of 3.50 but still no 3D tv, so no rush yet

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    The Minimus USB? Is that the Maximus AVR USB one? Oh just checking on the net now lol it is the Minimus USB. There is also a Maximus AVR USB device too.

    Both devices use the Atmel AT90USB162 hex. 'PSGroove all patched 1.1' contains the atusbkey.hex which should work. Teensy 1.0/blackcat version might work too.

    I'll be getting my Maximus tomorrow, so will be trying that one [well actually the one with the Apploader Payload that AerialX released - though note the Backup Manager doesn't work with that version as yet]

    If you want to use the Backup Manager, make sure you get the patched version. Evilsperm does a good job at porting the hex across. Good luck mate.

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    Sep 2010
    Can any one make a psgroove 1.1 hex for blackcat with fixed LEDs. I tried the Evilsperm hex but only the red led works, the blue led doesn't turn on

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    For those who want to give it self a try and dump different memory regions here is some source code which dumps the lvl2 kernel.
    You can adjust the startpos and endpos variables to dump different regions.

    My idea is to start a game and then creating a memory dump, to get the decrypted elf from the memory. Does anyone have a hint at which address a should have a look?

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    Can someone, or is there a compile for the PIC 18F2455?

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    Is that PowerPC assembly language that we will be dumping?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sekemc View Post
    Just a heads up using the exploit running using a TI-84 on 60 GB launch PS3, causes the inability to not use any ps1/ps2 functions such as manage memory cards, or even to start a game as it doesn't appear on the XMB, until after the system is rebooted without executing the exploit. Not sure if the payload can be changed to still allow these?
    Did you compile it for TI-84 plus or find it somewhere?

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    PSGroove 1.1 Patched OpenKubus Hexfile.
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