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Thread: PSGroove - Open Source PS JailBreak PS3 Exploit is Released!

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    slaminator Guest

    Big Grin

    wow looks like ps jailbreak is already old news

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    martenbroadclk Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by livpool View Post
    haha the pinedrive will be next
    I'm seeing a commercial:

    Kevin Butler + pinedrive + pina colada + PS3.

    It only does <fill in the blank>

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    Bishoff Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by nicotine View Post
    i ordered mine 2 days ago before the stock said "low"

    did it right after the announcement.... the stock was around 500+++ left or something.

    i hope they process them in the right order
    yea they go in order so yours should already be shipped.

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    chomps268 Guest
    Ehhh... Screw waiting for a PSP release xD Whoever pointed out them crippling the PSP release was a very valid point and I'm not down for that risk. I'm gonna go longboard to the bank and put in $20 or so... Anyone have any suggestions for a good retailer with reasonable shipping rates to cali?

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    Bishoff Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by microman2006 View Post
    i'm reading currently some people holding off to buy there boards because it is apparently able to be ported to psp and ti84 calculator?? any one know anything about this?
    Hilarious! Damn I have a TI 82 and an 86. Old school calcs. I do have a jailbroke iphone so it can probably run on that too.

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    Koolayde Guest
    I would kill for one of those programmable USB boards right now. Payday isn't for a few days, and by that time, a lot of the places will be sold out or backordered to hell and back.

    I hope someone is able to port this to the PSP.

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    TheNeck Guest


    will this work with the teensy 2.0, or will it only work with the teensy++ 2.0?

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    Apr 2005


    Here is another from IRC user MoeLester, it doesn't do anything the previously released ones don't but it does include some instructions that may help newbies out along with another pack below.

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    microman2006 Guest


    ti89 port being worked on as we speak... any hope for psp?

    Looks like PSGroove CAN be ported to the TI-84 Plus/Silver Edition, to run the exploit from it. Forget sleep, I'm on this till I collapse.

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    johnnytoxic Guest
    Forget the iPhone,

    Let's have some Android support instead

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