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    Registered User zanykokoa's Avatar
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    Hey, B1oH4z! I noticed you've been compiling for Teensy 1.0 @ 8mhz.

    Thank you so much for your contribution. Is it possible for you to make one for Hermes v3?
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    Thanks to ricardopvz and optimusxcrime we know have Hermes v3 for the following:

    Description: Hermes' v3 (PSGroove payload) adds better support for directory/file redirection (emulating discs, etc.) and supports loading homebrew under /apps_home/PS3_GAME. Included are hex files for:

    * arduino_duemilanove
    * arduino_mega
    * at90usbkey_at90usb1287_8Mhz
    * atavrxplain_at90usb1287_8Mhz
    * avr_opendousv1.1_at90usb162_8Mhz
    * blackcat_usb_at90usb162_16Mhz
    * minimus_avr_usb_at90usb162_16Mhz
    * olimex_avr_usb_162at90usb162_8Mhz
    * open_kubus_atmega16u4_8Mhz
    * teensy1.0++_at90usb646_16Mhz
    * teensy1.0_at90usb162_16Mhz
    * teensy2.0++_at90usb1286_16Mhz
    * teensy2.0_atmega32u4_16Mhz
    * teensy_at90usb162_16Mhz
    * usbkey_at90usb1287_8Mhz
    * micropendous2_atmega32u4_8Mhz
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    Minimus hex file works fine on my Maximus AVR USB. No LEDs though. However, no LEDs is kinda nice, the LED can be a bit annoying at night.

    Besides, it's not too tough to tell that it loaded correctly (Install package files appears)

    And once you master the timing of pressing Power+Eject you don't have to worry about psgroove not loading

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    do these hexes allow booting of backups through backup manager, or is that disabled ?

    tried nhl 10 and it just goes back to the main menu? minimus avr usb 16, tia for any help

    also the green and red led stays lit. i can load packages, i can backup a game, but when i goto load it, it just goes back to main xmb. do these hexes allow booting of backups through backup manager, or is that disabled ?
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    That's what it should be doing, you'll notice after you've loaded it in the manager it will return you to the XMB and when you go to the disc icon in the game Menu it will have the game you loaded through the manager. Just click on game with the disc icon and the game will start up!

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    Thanks for the update! I'm not 100% up to speed on AVR architecture - Will one of these work with the Minimus 32?

    Additional Minimus v1 / Minimus 32 differences/specs:
    ATMEL AT90USB162 (Minimus v1) / ATMEL ATmega32U2 (Minimus 32)
    22 Programmable I/O Lines
    16Kbyte Flash (Minimus v1) / 32Kbyte Flash (Minimus32)
    512 Byte SRAM (Minimus v1) / 1024 Byte SRAM (Minimus 32)
    512 byte EEPROM (Minimus v1) / 1024 Byte EEPROM (Minimus 32)
    16 MIPS Throughput
    USB 2.0 High Speed
    5V USB Powered
    16MHz Quartz Crystal Oscillator Circuit
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    Is there a chance to put this on my orginal ps jail break & how.. Please help me as i am goining to lose my mind.

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    Here's the Minimus AVR 32

    If you find the correct LEDs.h file i will re-compile it for you.
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    Red Face

    guys, please some one answer me... gow to install this on psjailbreak the orginal USB, even some guide me that explains this issue.

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    After searching a bit for a compiled payload for my device (ATAVRUSBRF01), I couldn't find one with correct led support, so I decided to compile it myself.

    So, here is Hermes v3 payload compiled for ATAVRUSBRF01 , with correct LEDs (starts with red led, once the jailbreak has succeeded it turns led into green!):
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