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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadlyFoez View Post
    This probably wont work, but what I have read it use one internal hard drive for your backed up games, and one for when you decide to play online. When you want to play online then never insert your jailbreak dongle. When you want to play your backups, then unplug your ethernet cable. I highly doubt that will prevent a way of detection from logs on internal flash memory. But it's worth the shot if you want to take the risk.
    I guess this should work (hopefully can test that next week). But earlier models (CECHG and older) do have 256MB flash (16MB bootloader, 240MB OS-Filesystem) while later models have only 16MB flash for the bootloader, the OS-Filesystem is stored on internal HD. Whenever the log is stored inside this OS-Filesystem (e.g. once on shutdown) the newer models would swap that also away but older models were out of luck here. Maybe one of the devs can answer that.
    Quote Originally Posted by DeadlyFoez View Post
    I personally say get a separate PS3 for backups and then you'll never have to worry about getting banned.
    That's the best way but be a bit inconvenient if we once can use our PS3's as a full fledged homebrew media (vdr-client, XBMC, MAME etc.) and gaming center. Second hand price will rise and keeping two boxes is a waste of space and an annoying permanent re-connecting of BT controllers. Hopefully xcellerator's stealth technique for backup managers and homebrews will work so HD swapping is not (but still remove PSJB stick and unplug ethernet cable will remain) necessary.

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    So does the dongle have to be enabled every time I want to use backup manager because I just installed took the dongle out turned my ps3 back on and now everytime I try to start the backup manager it says an error occurred during the start operation.

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    Is anyone working on a windows mobile port??

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    Hi i just flashed my xplain, everything seems too be working, backups work. Theres one problem though, when i click on /app_home/PS3_GAME/ folder, i get an error. Is this normal or do i need to reflash the xplain? thanks

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    i need someone to answer my question cause i didn't get what i want from the first 2 pages , i am planning on buying this AT90USBKEY , will i be able to do a full jailbreak on any firmware ? will i be able to backup AND play my backup ?? if anyone tried it and worked please answer , thanks a lot in advance

    one more thing , to avoid being banned on PS3 online what should i do?? , should i only disconnect the Ethernet while playing backed up gamed , and replug it when i pop the usb hack and play original CDs?? , thanks
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    Can anyone can confirm that backup manager is working 100% on teensy board. I've read a few reports that you can't backup to internal with them?

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    Found some Blackcat USB Flash Programmer with Cables AT90USB162 here but will they work ?


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    The question is does it worth $100 USD?

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    i have used the ATMEL ATAVRZUSBSTICK works like a charme!! just for your information.

    @cjpc: is it possible to use this method on a TEST unit, cause i tried it and just got a black screen, on a retail it works?

    have a nice day.

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    100 dollars for this is too much. When some of the Jail break clones are out, it would be cheaper, and easier just to buy one.


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