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    Has anyone tried any of the silab MCU usb tool sticks? The're is a hex converter on their software page and it would be great is they did since they are real cheap.

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    Aug 2010
    I just got my XPLAIN board. It works fine If you're lazy and can't use google you can use precompiled hex for usbkey.

    I'll modify code later to utilise rest of a board - USB Mass Storage and functioning of leds and buttons ];->

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    Quote Originally Posted by kornwood View Post
    we do not have that option as of yet external only for now.
    What if you have no USB devise plugged in. Will it then save to internal as the default?

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    Hey guys, finding teensy or blackcat boards in india is really very difficult and due to recent SPIKE in demands, it's now almost impossible. SO i found this one in india

    So can anybody out there tell me whether it would work with the openpsgroove...?

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    yeah even i wanna know the same.. but spectraind is also selling at90usbkey but their service is really slow, they hardly reply to mails. you can even use kitsnspares but they sell it at double the price(rs 3k) and there is 10-15 days of shipping time.

    so people please help..

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    I'm not sure what I should be looking for here when purchasing a USB Programmer.

    For example, is something like this on its own enough?

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    Big Grin

    about the link, its ATMega48 or an ATMega8 are they maybe functional? and i dont know how they work all of these maybe can communicate with usb?not just be programmed?

    hopefully someone know nice price atleast ^^

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    Regarding software solutions. There is a PSP version, and a N900. What is the hardware requirement in doing PSGroove in software? I can develop, but I would guess there is a reason there is no PC/OSX software version. Does the USB hardware need to be of a certain type?

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    some one have an idea if there is a way to use a CBM2081 ?

    here is a datasheet

    if there is a way please tell me i have a deat 1 GB USB the flash space is overlad but the chip is working

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    I have the AVR-USB-STK, and I have flashed it with your 8mhz HEX file and the LED fix HEX, I can get onto the backup manager and rip the games but when I attempt to play them i just get a blank screen, any idea what im doing wrong? I have checked the compatibility database and the games ive ripped definitely work, any help appreciated, thanks

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