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Thread: PSGroove - Open Source PS JailBreak PS3 Exploit is Released!

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    zappaziz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by silentcircuit View Post
    I've seen several reports now that the Teensy++ /bd_dev/ (backup-running patched version) does not work. More specifically, that it allows game backups, but will not run the backups. This is supposedly using the proper patched hex.

    Can anyone here with a Teensy++ confirm or deny this for me?

    I ordered on the 30th and got my "shipped" email yesterday.
    I got my teensy++ delivered this morning, installed, copied down infamous, inserted Uncharted 2 and it loaded Infamous from internal harddrive. Played for an hour no issues.

    I used the hex from martenbroadclk's all hexes zip.

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    kochmods Guest
    Itīs possible with a Open Kubus USB-Stick? Thanks.

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    B1oH4z Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kochmods View Post
    Itīs possible with a Open Kubus USB-Stick? Thanks.
    according to this page

    the stick has, depending on which stick is used either the at90mega32u4 chip (like the teensy 2.0) or the atmega16u4 chip

    but here they state it has the same chip as the at90usbkey (which has the at90usb1287-chip) while ALSO saying it has the at90mega16u4-chip

    so yeah..

    if it has the atmega32u4-chip, u could probably use the teensy2.0-hex
    if it has the at90usb1287, the atusbkey-hex should work
    if it has the atmega16u4-chip then i dont know, its not stated in the list of supported chips, but when i tried to compile it with

    MCU = atmega16u4
    BOARD = usbkey
    F_CPU = 8000000

    i didn't get any errors... not sure if it will WORK though

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    evileon Guest
    Take a look here:
    ... can it work with psgroove?


    * ATMega32U4 processor 8MHz @ 3.3V
    * CC1101 ISM transceiver tuned for 868MHz or 433MHz
    * pinheader for SMA / SMA-RP socket
    * green multi purpose led
    * multi purpose micro switch
    * USB type A male connector
    * optional ISP connector (FPC6)
    * optional HF-shield

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    B1oH4z Guest
    might work with the teensy 2.0-hex

    as probably nobody has that one, i dont know for sure, sry

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    Deynet Guest
    100% working file for OPEN KUBUS:

    MCU = atmega16u4
    BOARD = usbkey
    F_CPU = 8000000

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    evileon Guest
    so i suppose this is similar


    * AT90USB1287 processor 8MHz @ 3.3V
    * AT86RF212 868MHz-DSSS-transceiver - 802.15.4 for 6LoWPAN or ZigBee™?
    * Wire or onboard chip antenna
    * green led
    * microswitch
    * shipped with dfu-bootloader to upload firmware using USB

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    B1oH4z Guest
    yes, the at90uskbey should work for that.

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    evileon Guest
    where can I buy a Open Kubus USB-Stick?

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    B1oH4z Guest
    they have it here:

    german site though

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