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  1. #401
    R3b0rn Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by IndyColtsFan84 View Post
    could this be ported to a U3 capable usb drive?
    This is something i wonder too

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    Bumble Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by HZoooof View Post
    I need answer please .. If I used an PIC emulator such as this wich typed here : http://www.oshonsoft.com/pic.html

    and I connect the PC with PS3 via USB cable.. Is it WILL WORK ?

    please reply ...
    Why in the world would a PIC emulator (that is still missing the hardware) work for atmel chips? Not to mention that hooking an USB host to another USB host will destroy one or both.

  3. #403
    crudepsx Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Cilow View Post
    Can someone tell me if this can be used too? i've made some picuters of it. if you zoom in u can see the details of the ATChip, its an ATMEGA 2560 + ATMEL MEGA 128 16MU0907. If this can be used too then i buy it and try this and let you know how it works.
    Don't think so, as the mega 128 has a different page size. Still you could try it (edit: even though I can' take responsibility for whatever will happen).

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    R3b0rn Guest
    I guess there will be lots of hardware "casualties" when little noobies try to connect USB host on USB host

  5. #405
    digitaldazz Guest
    confirm working on olimex acr-usb162 from rs components.

    are there any other homebrew apps available ?

  6. #406
    silentcircuit Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by zenyou View Post
    *Different Question*

    I want to connect a 3.5 hard drive to the internet sata port in my ps3. I want to power this from a wall socket or something so that I can swap it between my desktop PC and the PS3.

    I have multiple internal sata 3.5 hard drives and do not want to use a USB one.

    So, where can I find a power cable for sata hard drives? I can't find them for some reason. I would appreciate any links if anyone knows where I can find this.
    You can get a SATA/Power extension cable which should work (connect the male end inside the PS3 in place of a normal drive, connect your 3.5" drive to the female end of the extension) for $10-20. Then when you disconnect the drive it is just a bare drive, however, which increases the chance it will be damaged moving it and requires you connect it internally, so you'll have to open up your PC.

    Another option would be to get a 3.5" external enclosure for ~$20-40 with ESATA support and a female SATA to ESATA cable (around $5-10) to connect from the PS3's internal header (and the back of the drive bay) to the external enclosure, then plug the enclosure in to the wall. Then you can just move the enclosure between your PS3 and PC, and leave the ESATA converter cable plugged in to the PS3.

    Either of these options will require that the drive in question (which won't be in the PS3, as it can't fit, obviously) is connected to the PS3 for it to function, so they're not exactly ideal.

    You're probably better off just buying a larger internal 2.5" drive for your system and using a separate USB drive to move things.

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    tremendazo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tonybologna View Post
    Did you put the backup manager file onto a separate USB drive to install?
    Thank you that did the trick, backing up mw2 for further testing.. for other people that just starting today , make sure there are no other device hooked up to the other usb when loading your psgroove device.

  8. #408
    HZoooof Guest


    okay .. I understand. Sorry for being noob !

    do you prefer to buy an internal or external HDD for copying games ?

    I mean if I bought an External HDD connected it to PS3 via USB cable to play the game .. should it work correctly ? smoothly ?
    thanks a lot !

  9. #409
    Tex Murphy Guest
    I'm sure there will be a way to send files over wi-fi and gigabit LAN. Switching drives is too much work.

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    HZoooof Guest
    do the JTAG that used for the Xbox360 can used for the PSgroove ?

    please help !

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