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    Quote Originally Posted by Evaxephon View Post
    I have an ordinary, 2-gig USB thumbdrive. Can I just put the files on my thumbdrive, plug it into the PS3, and play backups?

    Somewhere in the depths of this whopping 37-page thread, has someone put all of this information into layman's terms?
    The short answer to the Thumbdrive question is: No. This is why specialized hardware (for the time being) is needed, and it also why these discussions aren't in Layman's terms, because this procedure is NOT for the Layman. I'm sorry to break it down for you like that, but if you just want to play backups, I suggest that you A) Invest in a retail Jailbreak, B) Wait until a simpler solution arises, or C) Start learning.

    I don't say that last one to be insensitive, merely that spending time reading back over forum posts and Googling can be beneficial to you here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genomic View Post
    Lol, yeah. I just had that version sitting on my harddrive. I mean, the blackcat was used for... other things... before. Hahahaha
    haha, no doubt. That's one thing I haven't done...yet. I have one on the way now so I may have to start playing around with what else it's capable of

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    have a old hucard programmer thjat can be flashed with differant flashes would that work

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    Where can I buy one of these USB programmable chips ON THE GROUND in the usa? I don't want to wait for online shops to ship, i want to get one immediately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TsubakiSama View Post
    i second that, since i got that board. does anyone know whether this board works with psgroove?

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    now i upload vdo to proof that "Olimex AVR-USB-162" is working

    sorry for vdo quality coz i record with my old mobile phone - -"

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    That means that also all PIC's that have USB OTG ability can do this, such as

    43 on newark, probably hundreds available on digikey and mouser, but we need someone to port the code

    I am buying some pic's with USB OTG for my own projects, as well as hoping if I can port this to a pic somehow.

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    possible to port to infectus2 chip??

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    Quote Originally Posted by EVERLASTNYC View Post
    have a old hucard programmer thjat can be flashed with differant flashes would that work
    I was thinking the same thing. I doubt it though. It would be nice if some of these things I had from my satellite days would somehow come back to light in a major way.

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    Would this be possible with something other than Android or iOS? Like mentioned before an mp3 player or a phone like a Samsung Reality (Which I have) I'll wait for a Teeny if needed, but I would really like to find another solution.

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