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    Shoyushu Guest
    Don't you need to have a disc in the PS3 for Blu-ray emulation to work properly? Maybe that's why it froze... Perhaps some games work without a disc and some freeze. Unless you did have a disc in the drive and I misunderstood the video, in that case never mind.

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    DMagic1 Guest
    I'd be interested in seeing someone with one of the other chips try BFBC2 also and see if they get the same results.

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    evilsperm Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by djklown View Post
    Am I? Good thing i ordered mine hours ago... Just cant seem to get the software for it... Any one got a link for the blackcat usb software
    You only need atmel flip. I cant get atmel flip to work for shit on windows 7 x64 ultimate though... even with signed drivers it wont connect the usb, the quick fix for me was installing windows 7 32bit on a septate partition and just use atmel flip from there.

    link to atmel flip: http://www.atmel.com/dyn/products/to...p?tool_id=3886

    On a side note make sure you use the driver in the atmel folder (atmel_usb_dfu.inf) when your in dfu mode with the Blackcat.
    After you install the driver hit the reset button on the Blackcat and load up Atmel Flip load hex file up, connect to usb and flash.

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    linkultima Guest
    Hi i will try to flash my blackcat...but the file is 32kb... will it be ok if i flash it even if it's bigger than the blackcat's internal memory??

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    evilsperm Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by linkultima View Post
    Hi i will try to flash my blackcat...but the file is 32kb... will it be ok if i flash it even if it's bigger than the blackcat's internal memory??
    it's fine, just flash it.

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    silentcircuit Guest
    Every single report I've seen is that these exploits use 3.41 specific memory addresses and therefor will not work on any other version of the firmware.

    I know there have been multiple reports of failure with PSJailbreak (and this is just a modified clone, after all) so no, you can't stay on 3.15 and have this work, at least not for the time being. That may well change in the future, but who knows, the security hole being used might not even exist (at least not in the same form) in 3.15.

    It seems much more likely people will figure out how to get something OtherOS back via homebrew, but with full access to hardware this time since we can patch lvl2 and lvl1 with a combination of this exploit and the work done by GeoHot now. That'd be in 3.41 or higher. Really doubt people will worry about re-writing the exploit (which may not be easy) to add support for 3.15 directly.

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    chesteruhi Guest

    All BlackcatUSBs (from version 1.2 on) use the same microcontroller (AT90USB162) and use the same software, drivers, and avr firmware. The only difference in the pcb versions is cosmetic.

    So the BlackcatUSBs will all work no need to worry which one your buying,. I have confirmed this. So purchase away before there all gone!


    I have attached the blackcatusb hex for flashing and the manager pkg.

    Thank You!

  8. #348
    Jasmin05 Guest
    I would like to state that the OLMEX AT90usb162 works 100% . I had problems at the being due to the settings. BioHZ4 then compiled the right hex with the right settings , and has uploaded it on this forum , I then flashed it with flip 3.41 and it worked like a charm.

    I have been all night up backing up my games GOW3 took 4hrs .. Uncharted 3 didnt work on external...

    I am also willing to post a video of the OLIMEX card in action if any1 wants it..

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    girlsname Guest
    You have Uncharted 3?! (Couldnt help it ). Could you post the compiled hex with right settings. And Id love a video if it wouldnt be too much of an inconvenience to you. Thanks!

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    Jasmin05 Guest
    Sorry i mean Uncharted 2.. I am just too excited after 4 years the beast has been SLAYED !!!

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