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    no. i just installed and played soul calibur 4 using a blackcat usb 1.5 with teensy 1.0 patched hex. works fine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bio12344 View Post
    so lets get this straight. This blackcat thing doesn't really play backups just rips them?
    No it should do everything the other chips do. Its just another option. It reportedly has the same chip as the teensy.

    If its as compatible as the other chips with the games actually working remains to be seen.

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    excuse me... incoming:

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    Looks legit but there's already that one game not compatible! I hope that's not an indication of things to come with this device!

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    I just finished watching your video, thanks for all the clarifications.

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    Looks good. Wonder if we will be able to find out why some games don't work.

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    So the blackcat 1.5 is both copying AND booting games on the HDD or just copying?

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    Now, we need something to copy ISO game files from PC to internal HDD over a network!

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    Since the Blackcat is working and it is AT90USB162 does that also confirm that the Olimex one will work?

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    @ thinnpikkins
    dont you need a game in the the console or the backup wont boot?

    I can recall its required to pop a game back in no matter what because it still needs the boot code from the disc.

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