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Thread: PSGroove - Open Source PS JailBreak PS3 Exploit is Released!

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    51N15T3R Guest
    I just ordered the Blackcat 1.6 from eBay for about $37 and it comes with a usb cable, idc ribbon cable, and a 10-pin header. I should have it this week I will post videos of me flashing the Blackcat, running it on the PS3 slim (backing up and playing a game).

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    Ajuar Guest
    I haven't seen this answered yet so... How is the 32K psgroove.hex loaded onto a device that has 16k flash?

    I'd like to order 1 of these but am a bit uneasy seeing what appears to be a difference in hex size and device capacity.

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    silentcircuit Guest
    I'd imagine it has to be recoverable somehow, since the whole point of this device is to be programmable via USB to whatever code you want, then alterable later.

    It'll probably just be a case of adding a "-force" or similar flag and telling the flashing app the hub and port the board is connected to on the PC, but I can't confirm that as I don't have it in hand. I'll see if there's any documentation online for the Teensy flashing app, and get back to you here.

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    masri01 Guest

    PSGroove - Olimex AT90USB162 8Mhz Chip

    Many people who are confused with the Olimex AT90USB162 8Mhz Chip that will not play backups. Not sure if its hardware related or coding related as I haven't recieved my Olimex yet, therefore I will be recieving recieve mine tomorrow which I am going to test out and report back to this thread.

    So far I have spent time going through threads in this forums and googling. Some people only got homebrew to work. Though I have found 1 member in this forum (Jasmin05) who has successfully got it to work, though he did not mention backups were working with him.

    If you have the Olimex AT90USB162 and got backups working, please share your information and contribute to this thread.

    Thank you.

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    silentcircuit Guest
    To DeadlyFoez and others concerned that the PSJalibreak code may render the Teensy 2.0 / Teensy 2.0 ++ unprogrammable or not easily programmable:

    Looks like there's a separate set of memory the Teensy flashing app does not touch where the "HalfKey" bootloader resides. You plug the board in to the computer via USB as normal, cancel any driver install requests that may come up, and press the small black button on the back half of the board. This loads HalfKey instead of whatever code is currently in the "normal" addressable area on the board, and the flashing app recognizes your board as ready to flash. You then point it to some hex and off you go.

    All info from here:

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    ersatz100 Guest
    Alright, I was copying RE5:GE but i accidentally stepped on my surge protector and turned off the ps3, its fine and decided to install a smaller game, soul calibur 4, did it in about 20 minutes, boots fine.

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    silentcircuit Guest
    Keep in mind (I'm fairly sure here, though there may be a way to force it with the existing software) you'll need some other means to flash the board if you clone a Teensy 2.0 / ++ 2.0, since they all ship with a bootloader (HalfKey) already on the chip that runs when you push the small black button on the board, and that's how the flash software recognizes the board is ready to recieve code. FLIP, or whatever the software is that is used with the AT90, may work here, though I can't say one way or the other as I have no direct experience with it and don't know how the layout between the AT90 and Teensy ++ vary if at all.

    Still may be a viable way forward for those looking for an alternative now that order lead times area a month or more on the Teensy variants and AT90s are going out of stock everywhere.

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    evilsperm Guest
    I will not test that game back up manager until cjpc or someone else makes a loader that will randomize the name of itself because I don't want to get this console ban just yet.

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    bio12344 Guest
    so lets get this straight. This blackcat thing doesn't really play backups just rips them?

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    silentcircuit Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bio12344 View Post
    so lets get this straight. This blackcat thing doesn't really play backups just rips them?
    It may, it may not. I've seen conflicting reports. It may depend on the configuration you flash, or it might not work at all. So far as I know there is no video evidence of the BlackCat (or anything, for that matter) actually booting backups, only ripping them.

    This leads me to believe the current patch of PSGroove to re-enable backup booting via the Backup Manager software from the PSJailbreak may not be working as intended, though I'm sure this will be resolved in time. I've seen several people at least claim they can book backups with several of the suggested development boards and the current version of the code, but again, no video proof of anything but ripping backups so far that I know of.

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