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Thread: PSGroove - Open Source PS JailBreak PS3 Exploit is Released!

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    evilsperm Guest

    PSGroove On BlackCat USB

    Here is a link to get a BlackCat USB:

    I can confirm 100% this board works.
    Flash it wit hthe teency 1.0 cjpc hex file and your good to go.
    This USB Dev board can also be used to hack cable modems but I wont get into that here

    here is a pic of the BlackCat in action.

    Specs of BlackCat USB:

    Fast 16MHz CISC processor
    16KB programmable memory
    2 DIP switches for mode changes
    Upgradeable firmware over USB
    On board reset button
    Universal CFI Flash programming support
    USB 1.1 / 2.0 compatible

    Compatible with Popular Cable Modems Such As the Motorola SB4200, Motorola SB5100, Motorola SB5101, RCA DCM315, and the Scientific Atlanta/Cisco DPC2100 In addition support may be added by the end user for other EJTAG compatible flash devices. Just Added: SPI Flash Support! Now you can flash SPI devices with the Blackcat USB including the SB6120, and SBV6220 And Now The PS3!

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    DMagic1 Guest
    So did the game load? Your video ended early.

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    silentcircuit Guest

    Lightbulb A possible new way forward for those porting PSGroove and similar to new devices like PSP / Android

    Alright, I've watched development of the exploit pretty closely in so far as someone outside the "scene" can, and while I have very limited programming experience (I've written some Python and very basic C++) I can't help but feel like those porting the current exploit to new devices like the PSP and Android / PC are making this far, far harder than it needs to be, at least in the short term.

    Also please note I'm just trying to be helpful here, not cheap. I ordered my Teensy++ 2.0 on the 30th and should have it shortly, so homebrew will be mine soon enough no matter how the rest of this goes, and that little dongle is a lot more convenient for me than finding and connecting the PSP to my PS3 every time I boot it for homebrew.

    What we have currently is an emulated USB hub, correct?

    What's going on is at the most basic level nothing more than a set of challenges and a corresponding set of responses.

    Rather than try to port USB host emulation to the new devices, why not simply look at the entire challenge / response series, ignoring what each step is doing, and focus solely on the raw data that needs to be sent and the timing with which to send it.

    So far as I know it's all static data, there's no variability in what the dongle sends. Correct me if I'm wrong here -- again, I've never done anything even close to this low level.

    If that's true, it should be as simple as sniffing the stream, which I'm fairly sure already happened, leading to all the current development, and using the relevant bits at the correct times, much like what can be done with packet capture to compromise WiFi networks.

    Any thoughts from the real developers here? Any idea where else I should post this, if it's relevant?

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    Lakerfanalways Guest
    Let me understand all I have to do is buy that JTag kit and I can make this work instead of having to buy the teensy board??

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    ersatz100 Guest
    i have it running and ripping RE5: Gold Edition right now... 10% done.

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    silentcircuit Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Lakerfanalways View Post
    Let me understand all I have to do is buy that JTag kit and I can make this work instead of having to buy the teensy board??
    Exactly. It uses the same microcontroller as the Teensy 2.0 (non ++ version). I'm still curious to see if anyone has actually managed to run backups with any of the current development boards and the patched PSGroove code. Time will tell, and even if the current variant is broken I have no doubts someone will sort that out, and fast.

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    evilsperm Guest
    Its the same as a teency 1.0 not a 2.0 They are located in Manhattan, KS.

    I just ordered a test clip to flash my SBV6220 and it was here in NY in 1 day

    I am 100% sure it will play backups with cjpc's hex file but I will not test it until someone come up with a better backup manager that wont get me ban on PSN... The chip on this jtag is a atmel AT90USB162 and if you check my pic link you will see I have the PS3 booted up with it

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Also sold here and while a tiny bit more expensive per one piece it's cheaper in larger amounts:

    Also - at least TWO people already confirmed this as runing backups using version 1.4 and 1.5 towards the end of the main huge thread

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    d3adliner Guest
    The one thing no one knows or can confirm...yet, is if once you use PSGroove offline - can you safely play a legit retail game or psn game online without the risk of being banned?

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    DeadlyFoez Guest
    I have not played with a teensy yet. But it is to my understanding that when you first plug it in it get's identified as a teensy USB device. But after you program the teensy it does not get recognized in windows anymore. So does that make it bricked from further easy types of programming it, or is it still easily recoverable?

    Thank you all.

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