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Thread: PSGroove - Open Source PS JailBreak PS3 Exploit is Released!

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    tjay17 Guest
    Where I'm at they are not too much I paid about $80 for my bluray burner.

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    Bulldogzz Guest
    Just wondering if anyone could let me know if there any fitting encasements out there for the AVR-USB-162?

    Dimensions : "100x80 mm (3.9x3.15")"

    Thanks in advance.

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    DeadlyFoez Guest
    I got to say... THIS IS FREAKING GREAT!!!

    Now, for my question, but one of the conclusions that people came out with when the PSJailbreak was announced was that it was designed so that the PS3 would return to normal mode after being rebooted. Is this true, or does the device really need to be inserted everytime the PS3 is turned on?

    It sounds as if that for now there is no way to keep it in this so called "Debug mode" indefinitely until CFW comes out. Can anyone shed some light on this matter. Thank you.

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Need to be present at each boot but not ingame.

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    thinnpikkins Guest
    Just tried something different, i was using the at90usb hex file and was not able to load backups after i actually backed them up, so i switched to the teensy 1.0 patched, and now i am playing my backups, so blackcatusb ver 1.5 and the teensy 1.0 hex file patched is confirmed a go!

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    evilsperm Guest
    I have proof Of this working. I have a at90usb162 I use it for hackign cable modems

    I am waiting on a call back from the retailer of the boards I get to see if he will have enough in stock because I know they will sell out stupid fast!

    This is a BlackCat 1.4 the newest board is 1.5 Once I get confirmation they they can keep up stock I will post a driect link on where to get them cheap

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    curecancer Guest
    Can anybody here confirm that loading backups are working with the Teensy++2.0 device and patched TEENSY++2.0-psgroovecjpc.hex file flash combination?

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    secureone Guest
    ok i have a blackcat 1.2 compiled my own hex and could backup but never boot, none of the other hex will even allow my device to be recognized .

    i made sure the patch was in the file as stated and it was so i wonder if the patch must be different for different boards??

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    asandhu Guest
    Just called PJRC. They said they are currently only done processing orders from EARLY yesterday for the teensy. She said it is a 50/50 chance for people who ordered around midnight to be shipped one or put on backorder.

    She also said it will be around 2 days before they get around to doing the midnight/early morning today orders. I really hope I can cancel my order if/when a psp/iphone solution comes out before or during the weekend. They shouldnt have charged anything to the CC before they ship it out right?

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    thinnpikkins Guest
    Just uploaded this as eye candy is better than words, and i apologize, CJPC's Patch is OFFICIAL! This vid should get everyones hopes up, it can be done!

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