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  1. #241
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Nice list of different distributors that have at90usb162 IN STOCK!


  2. #242
    saugmeister Guest
    hello. is it possible to get it working on an infectus chip?? has anybody here the skill to port this to the infectus chip?

    best regards

  3. #243
    corsasri Guest
    will the Teensy 2.0. 18 bucks bord work

  4. #244
    Kenshindono Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Jasmin05 View Post

    IT WORKED !!! Unbelieveable i should kiss you now. Without you i would have been lost.

    The olimex at90usb162 works 100% just a matter of changing the 16,000000to 8,00000 and it works ..so go and buy !!!!

    Thanks again B10H4Z could u tell me how you compile it please!!!

    and what programs you use!!

    Thnx a lot
    Could you plz confirm that everything work fine with At90usb162 Olimex?? I just found mine for 35€ on France and want to be sure before ordering it!

    Thank you

    And thanks to Bio for the 8 Hz stuff

  5. #245
    Bishoff Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by corsasri View Post
    will the Teensy 2.0. 18 bucks bord work
    Yes mate of course it works, it's a Teensy

  6. #246
    IHM Guest
    Cool, ordered my Teensy2++ cant wait.

  7. #247
    TsubakiSama Guest

  8. #248
    bidomo Guest
    I've found this one near me


    it's dubbed OLIMEX - AVR-USB-STK -

    And here's the description:
    número de parte de Newark:
    Número de parte del fabricante:

    de acuerdo a RoHS : de acuerdo a RoHS Si


    * Supported Families: AT90USB162
    * Type: Development Board
    * RoHS Compliant: Yes

    Would this work?

    Also, I would like to know if the device would work on firmware 3.15

  9. #249
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest

  10. #250
    DJXFMA Guest

    For everyone who's is wanna try from the Netherlands

    For everyone from the Netherlands you can buy this one in stock!

    Olinex AVR-USB-162
    Go to http://www.antratek.nl/AVR.html and buy the Olinex AVR-USB-162 just placed an order myself.

    Go to http://www1.conrad.nl/scripts/wgate/zcop_nl3/~flN0YXRlPTM0MjIyNTQ3OTg=?~template=PCAT_AREA_S_BR OWSE&glb_user_js=Y&shop=NL2&zhmmh_lfo=&zhmmh_area_ kz=&product_show_id=155248&gvlon=&p_init_ipc=X&p_p age_to_display=fromoutside&~cookies=1&scrwidth=128 0 and order and wait till 16-09-2010 to long for me so I decided to order the one above.


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