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    Shrink Guest
    What are the countermeasures Sony can take? I mean concerning the users of the dongle.

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    DarkAntiMatter Guest

    PSP Port

    I was just looking at the PSP SDK, and without assembly or something, I dont think (in my mega-nooby opinion) that it will be easily do-able. Basically, the descriptors for the USB in PSGroove are absolutly giant, probably because they are the buffer overflow. The PS3 doesnt expect it do be this long, and unfortunatly, neither does the PSP. The PSP wants: unsigned char desc[12]; for the config descriptor, but the PSGroove requires a MUCH larger amount for the port1_config_descriptor.

    It may be possible, because the USB HUB seems to have decent descriptor lengths, and maybe we could make the PSP appear as one and then run data down the USB to pretend its putting in another USB device, but I'm not sure if the firmware wouldn't stuff up the message.

    I havn't done PSP development in a long time, and I've never touched USB stuff, but from the looks of it, it wont be too easy.

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    livpool Guest
    just looking for clarification..

    i know you can remove the jailbreak now, but do you still need to have it connected on each start of your PS3 for it to work? or is it a one time only jailbreak deal. jailbreak it once and never have to connect the dongle again?

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    Apr 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by Shrink View Post
    What are the countermeasures Sony can take? I mean concerning the users of the dongle.
    Not sure about those using the dongle itself, but CJPC touched upon some general countermeasures Sony may take HERE:
    I would not - namely, expect a new FW blocking this within the next week, furthermore they can and will ban your entire console via its PSNID, not just your PSN account.

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    fluxxx Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by crisdo98 View Post
    Ummm... i think you answered your own question.. "supported devices.. " implies that it requires AT90USB1287 and therefore this chipset is not included.
    But the pdf i linked had the chip drawn in in the schematics. So if this work it would be perfect for me... Because its small. A little expensive because of the unneeded 2.4ghz tranciever but its in stock.

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    kinezu Guest


    Does this Work? Arduino nano?


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    sivalakos Guest
    guys can you tell me where i can buy this (AT90USBKey) in europe?

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    elidoe89 Guest

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    odedra Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by j3edi View Post
    anyone know where i can get one of these Teensys in the UK
    This site might help you for the uk:


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    corsasri Guest
    There may be a simple way to not causing any problems oneline. if you have updated you ps3 hdd to a bigger size you may still have your stock hdd. Just pop the stock hdd in your ps3. that way your ps3 will be as sony intended.

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