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    This is greast news, things are progressing so quickly! I hear the banning of PSN due to backup manager was all lies is this true? even if it was the case this patch seems like it would be harder to detect games played from backup media now and maybe online play could be an option?

    Also could you not have all your games on 1 external harddrive still and just rename the folder to the one you would like to play? Just a thought or two


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    Nice one LioMajor, but i still get the port1_config_descriptor.S error. The system cannot find the file specified.

    Did you manage this using WinAVR and do you have the ppu-gcc directory its looking for?

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    so I played around a little bit more and the hermes manager I posted earlier works this way:

    Load Backup Manager
    Select backed up game
    It will then exit to XMB
    Select app_home/PS3_GAME
    Game will start

    A lot of game don't work as of yet so we will need to post what does and doesn't work, but save that for another thread.

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    this for the original backup manager? so no need for updated hermes psgroove?

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxy1990 View Post
    this for the original backup manager? so no need for updated hermes psgroove?
    You will still need the updated hermes hex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farenheit View Post
    You will still need the updated hermes hex.
    ok any chance that it will be compiled for ipod 1g soon?

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    I think this development is really interesting, though not really useful yet for me since my bd drive is still working...

    However, if i'm right this would MAYBE mean we could also launch from the internal disc drive? So you could burn actual discs and the play the games from them like a original ?

    This would be cool, since i don't plan on archiving games on hdd forever

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    A lot of games don't seem to work with Hermes' custom version of psgroove and backup manager. This is good for people without a working ps3 blu ray drive (because it allows them to at least get some games to work), but for everyone else it seems like its best to stay with the original Backup Manager and psgroove combination for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caleb4god View Post
    This one should work for you.
    i haven't tested it yet but thanks for the hook up i +rep ed ya for the effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilsperm View Post
    3d dot heros - works from app_home/PS3_GAME Backup Manager Yellow Flickering
    The yellow flickering is caused by trying to run the game in 1080P (don't ask me why). Change your display settings to 720P and it'll work, or at least it does for me.

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