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  1. #201
    LioMajor Guest
    Quick Hack for Backup Manager by me:

    - NO BDVD Check
    - NO Jump Back to XMB

    It starts the game directly from Backup Manager.

    Known Problems:

    Games like Wipeout still needs to pre-install game-content first or they won't run.


  2. #202
    evilsperm Guest
    nice one LioMajor, can't wait to test it out

  3. #203
    comeonman11 Guest
    Hey Capnick, are you using a teensy board?

  4. #204
    capnick Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by comeonman11 View Post
    Hey Capnick, are you using a teensy board?
    nope, on the olimex avr board.

  5. #205
    videojet Guest
    god of war 3 not working without disc, works fine with disc, internal hd.

    tested it with ModNationRacers, game booted up.

  6. #206
    farenheit Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by LioMajor View Post
    Now i got it working to compile in windows and linux ^^

    For windows i fixed the problem taking out any comments in port1_config_descriptor.S and it compiled well.
    Any chance you could upload your port1_config_descriptor.S?


  7. #207
    LioMajor Guest

    Here it is, Hf.

  8. #208
    twitch Guest
    Thanks LioMajor I will be testing this here as soon as i can find my damn bluetooth KB for my pc. what can I do to make this install to a different location or be more ninja can someone direct me in the right direction?

  9. #209
    NightStalksU Guest
    Worked on skate 3, didn't work before. This is awesome.

  10. #210
    evilsperm Guest

    your manager does not work for pretty much every game, well every game I have tried. I am also loading from an external HDD

    3d dot heros - works from app_home/PS3_GAME Backup Manager Yellow Flickering
    Donates Inferno - Black Screen of Death and full system lock up
    Boarderlands - Black Screen of Death and full system lock up

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