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    Quote Originally Posted by foxy1990 View Post
    is there any chance whatsoever of this being ported to the ipod 1g at all with psfreedom? is it a feasible option? or will it likely not happen? (got 3.41 ps3 but drive packed up so if it was able to work with ipod i'd be in heaven )

    great work peeps and loving the progress!
    You can do this yourself, actually. It only take a couple minutes. You just need Linux (Ubuntu Live CD is fine).

    1) gunzip android.img.gz
    2) mount android.img
    3) update payload.bin
    4) unmount
    5) gzip
    6) copy back to ipod 1g
    7) chmod 777
    8) enjoy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ash x View Post
    So with the no disc version, we can only launch one game? So in the regular BUM we have a list of titles, but with the no disc version you only see one title? Is that correct?
    Yes, for now. I'm sure that, at some point, there will be a new type of manager where, from the xmb you can choose the game you'd like to play; then select it, and play just like when the backup manager kicks you back to the xmb. I'm not sure how well the whole xmb is understood yet, but hopefully, in the near future, when you go to your games menu, all games you have on either internal, or external hard drive(s) will be populated with icons/game animation just like an original game. I'm not getting my hopes up, but there WILL be improvement. This is just one of many steps. Patience is a great virtue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Transient View Post
    You can do this yourself, actually. It only take a couple minutes. You just need Linux (Ubuntu Live CD is fine).

    1) gunzip android.img.gz
    2) mount android.img
    3) update payload.bin
    4) unmount
    5) gzip
    6) copy back to ipod 1g
    7) chmod 777
    8) enjoy
    This can only be done if the payload exists, which (at the moment) it doesn't.
    The only bins that are available are:-

    No Backups (payload_no_bdemu.bin)
    Backups (payload_bdemu.bin)
    No Backups Peek/Poke (payload_dev_no_bdemu.bin)
    Backups Peek/Poke (payload_dev_bdemu.bin)

    Until somebody makes/compiles a new bin to incorporate this, iphone users will have to wait (which includes me!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoned View Post
    getting my minimus tomorrow so will be giving this a go. 2 questions:

    1) It looks like the teensy1.0 hex is the one i will need. Can anybody confirm this?

    2) Is the file manager program able to move/rename the game folders on an external drive? This would allow the game to be changed without connecting the drive to a computer to move folders around.
    q1= yes the teensy 1.0 hex is the one you need also download flip 3.4.2 to flash.

    q2= i think so can someone confirm should be able to over ftp ???

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    Still waiting for one for the ATAVRUSBRF01, with at90usb162 MCU and 16MHz clock

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    for the people who have no bd drive it's awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spyder52 View Post
    Why is this that good? It is barely an inconvenience to have a game in the drive?
    A lot of people have a broken blu ray drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadCabbit View Post
    Where are you getting the black screen in 3D Dot Heroies? I kept getting it after the opening captions, right before the title screen, when it normally tries creating trophy data. In the long run, I couldn't get it to work using either an iphone or a droid (the iphone would also just cause my PS3 to lock at a black screen afterwards, too, unless I both formatted the drive and hard resetted the PS3, but the droid didn't have that problem).

    I had to use an external drive, in this case, I used the 16 GB MicroSD that came with my droid and connected it with a USB adapter and the game loaded fine from that, despite not wanting to load from the game internally
    Sorry had to go to the Doc. As soon as I start the game, it blinks my monitor indicating no output, then it comes back, and gives me a black screen, and just sits there. I have also tried the FTP program, and the backup manager (even though it wont help me any since I have no blue ray drive). Also I formatted the PS3, and reset back to factory defaults. Tried both a flash drive and an hard drive. Have not tried internal hard drive.

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    wow, no one loves me enough to hook up a hex for the PIC18F2455 xbox spi ?? My feelings are truly hurt. If someone can take the time out of their busy schedule to point me in the direction of how to do it myself, that would be great to.

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    here is the new backup manager: I have not tested it because I don't have any games on my drive, so someone confirm if its working.

    This backup manager will only work with the hermes PSGroove
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