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Thread: PSGroove Modified for PS3 Backups Without a Disc in the Drive!

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    aowzone Guest
    this is huge for me, i have 2 ps3.. one with a broken bluray (updates work fine, btw as long as there is power to the bluray control board) and one good ps3.

    i can backup with my good one now and use the broken one for more than a media server!

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    evilsperm Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by SitzRieSe View Post
    Could you pls compile it for an OpenKubus USB Stick?

    MCU: atmega16u4
    Board: USBkey

    i would be very thankful for this
    whats the speed?


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    kipper5k Guest
    I have the 16mhz if you could do one up for that plz

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    Djcyber Guest
    Hey.. please a 4550 and 2550 with 20mhz without bootmgr , anyone compile for me ?

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    capnick Guest
    Hey mate, your Olimex hex does work for me, just tried it, loaded the jb up fine etc but cant load a game from BUM, if i pm you a 1.1 patched with LED support hex you think you could work some magic on it?


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    SiZMiK Guest
    I love this friggin forum, to the guys that complied hex's for all the different jailbreak devices out there, a huge thumbs up

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    megarun2010 Guest
    Guys what do it mean when it says that it needs to copy game data to hdd?

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    AnonPs3 Guest
    It means your title needs to install game data.. Like 50-60% of the PS3 games..

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    corsasri Guest
    i get error code 80028f14 when i hit the */app_home/ps3 icon

    or are you ment to boot the dongle with the external hdd conected from a cold boot. if so i get unreconised usb conected message.

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    BwE Guest
    if you get error messages it usually means your external hd isnt recognised by the ps3 (yet) either wait or try and load it off the xmb via something else

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