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Thread: PSGroove Hermes Payload v3 and Open Manager Updates Arrive

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    evilsperm Guest

    PSGroove Hermes Payload v3 and Open Manager Updates Arrive

    Today Hermes at (linked above) released his PSGroove custom payload v3 and as a result moh.sakhaii has updated Open Manager for PS3 to version 1.15 followed by 1.16, 1.17, 1.17.1 and 1.17.2 updates.

    Downloads: PSGroove Hermes Payload v3 / PSGroove Hermes Payload v3 (Compiled) / PIC18f4550 Hermes v3 16Mhz LVP / Open Manager v1.15 / Open Manager v1.15 (Compiled) / Open Manager v1.16 / Open Manager v1.16 (Compiled) / PSGrooPIC V1.6c wBTL HEXs / PSGrooPIC V1.7a wBTL HEXs / PSFreedom N900 / PSFreedom Hermes v3 iPhone / PSFreedom Hermes v3 PalmPre / Rockbox iPod Nano 1G / Open Manager v1.17 / Open Manager v1.17 (Compiled) / Open Manager v1.17.1 / Open Manager v1.17.1 (Compiled) / Open Manager v1.17.2 / Open Manager v1.17.2 (Compiled)

    Hermes Custom Payload v3 Features:

    - New Address 0x80000000007ff000 end of the payload at the end of the Kernel in order to add the extra code needed (the code is relocatable, if necessary)

    - Added support syscall 8 with Stealth and other kernel functions such as copy, allocate memory, perform routine, add path table (for replacement / redirection of files and directories), etc. (see syscall8.h for details)

    - Support for Homebrew in / apps_home/PS3_GAME similar to a flash drive or connected on / dev_usb000/PS3_GAME

    - Syscall redirection 36 games to run diskless / apps_home/PS3_GAME

    NOTES about path_open_entry: compare_addr can be a string full path for files or not. The size of the string can be len+1 replacea_ddr can replace a file, files or directories. The size of the string must be replace_string + hook_open string remnant+1 (recommended 0x800 to work with directories)

    Example 1: replacing a file

    compare_addr: "/app_home/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN"
    replace_addr: "/dev_usb000/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN"

    compare_len= strlen(compare_addr);
    replace_len= strlen(replace_addr);

    Example 2: replacing files by a unique file

    compare_addr: "/app_home/PS3_GAME/ICON"
    replace_addr: "/dev_usb000/PS3_GAME/ICON0.PNG"

    compare_len= strlen(compare_addr);
    replace_len= strlen(replace_addr)+1;

    Example 3: replacing directories

    compare_addr: "/app_home/PS3_GAME"
    replace_addr: "/dev_usb000/PS3_GAME"

    compare_len= strlen(compare_addr);
    replace_len= strlen(replace_addr);

    Hermes V3: Nokia N900, N800, N810 Port Guide:

    1. Download psfreedom.tar.gz, extract it, and copy the files to your N900 into /root.
    2. To enable, type: ./
    3. Unplug or switch off your PS3 completely killing the power.
    4. Connect your N900 to your PS3 via USB.
    5. Boot your PS3 using the power button quickly followed by pressing the eject button.
    6. Now you should see Package Manager in the XMB allowing you to install and run unsigned code.
    7. To disable and return your N900 to normal, type: ./

    Open Manager v1.15 Changelog:

    - Removed that patch mode as it is no longer needed.

    With the introduction of Hermes payload v3 many games with controller issues are now fixed, there is no longer any need for patched mode, therefore it has been dropped as a deprecated feature. It is reported that even retail patches now fully work. Congratulations to Hermes on a job very well done, Community owes you a great deal. You just beat everyone to it. As proof also my compiled version of Hermes v3 for PIC18f4550,16Mhz,LVP with no bootloader is attached. Do not ask for more hex here please.

    Open Manager v1.16 Changelog:

    - patched mode returns and now works for hermes V3 and previous versions that include peek/poke calls (v > psgroove 1.1)

    Notes: patched mode in hermes V3 is an aggressive mode for those of you who still have problems with hermes v3 normal mode, again do not use patched mode in normal games without issue or for normal operations like FTP/COPY.

    Open Manager v1.17 Changelog:

    - Open manager has been built with the new SDK 3.40, Note that unlike some others that couldn't figure out how to build it with the libftp, it now builds with 3.40 without any problem.

    - PL3 is now fully supported and syscall35 is used although no compatibility is gained from this.

    - Previous payloads are still supported (PSGroove less than 1.1), open manager detects your current payload and acts accordingly, therefore patched mode is still available for older payloads.

    Known bugs:

    - You can not mount to app_home, because PL3 does not allow to mount to two points at the same time, I have a better solution and it will be fixed shortly in 1.17.1

    Open Manager v1.17.1 Changelog:

    - Reverted back to using SDK 1.92. There was two reasons for this. First to make it compatible with older firmwares like 3.15 and second, there is no reason to update the SDK just yet.

    - mounting to app_home now works without problem.

    Open Manager v1.17.2 Changelog:

    - A quick fix for people with fw < 3.40. Open manager no longer prompts these users to update their firmware.

    In related news, Eyed1 reports that you can now update your backed up PS3 games with Hermes v3!

    To quote: "Just to reiterate updates (retail ones) now work with this new payload:


    1. Get install and test ps3 proxy manager
    2. Start and game up wait until the update starts... cancel it
    3. Start your ftp app (1.1b)
    4. On your pc using the logs part of the proxy app download your retail package file
    5. then package using demomanager*
    6. ftp the folder with the package in it to your ps3 in hd00/vsh/temp/
    7. start it up in non-jb mode install the patch from the xmb
    8. restart your ps3 in jb mode
    9. AMERICA --xxxxYAAAA

    * If there is more than one patch for now you need to do this twice or use demoinstaller, more advanced users can edit the SFO.

    I can confirm that FightNight r4/Unreal3 update with ease. FIFA showed and new message 'please insert your fifa 11 and restart the game' (anti-patch patch were eboot of new patch does not see the orig, sony fights back)

    Update from masterchan777: This is what worked for me (retail disc NOT required):

    01- download the retail update
    02- download the debug update
    03- use Demo Manager v1.0 to prepare the retail update
    04- move the result to the internal hard drive under vsh/task
    05- boot the PS3 in normal mode and install the retail update
    06- open the debug update with PkgView Beta 2 and extract EBOOT.bin
    07- Selftool.exe -o EBOOT2.BIN -c0 EBOOT.BIN
    08- unfself.exe EBOOT2.BIN EBOOT3.BIN
    09- make_fself.exe EBOOT3.BIN EBOOT4.BIN
    10- rename EBOOT4.bin back into EBOOT.bin
    11- boot PS3 in JB mode and replace the EBOOT.bin installed by the retail update with the new one
    12- play the game ..."

    [imglink=|PSGroove Hermes Payload v3 and Open Manager Updates Arrive][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Apr 2005
    Thanks evilsperm, +Rep and props to everyone else who submitted this news too!

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    Kiriller Guest
    Nice, thanks for the effort

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    Gendor23 Guest
    Retail updates now? Yes!

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    laptopfreek0 Guest
    Sweet! I have noticed at least 1 of my games in my collection now works, when it did not. Thanks so much.

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    JifDaKiwi Guest
    Thats awesome news. Still waiting it out for MuscleNerd's port of PSGroove so I can JB off my iPod Touch 2, but its amazing seeing how quickly everything is progressing :-)

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    tjay17 Guest
    This is awesome. Also for games that before had to be run with the patch on and on the internal hdd can they now be run from the external hdd if the files are not too big?

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    laptopfreek0 Guest
    Does anybody have an all inclusive list of games that work without the disc?

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    lazybuntu Guest
    I'm working on my PIC board now. I'm just waiting for some USB connectors to arrive and I think it will be working. I'm using a schematic very similar to the one attached.

    So what do I need to get going to have homebrew and backup manager capabilities? A 20 MHz hex of this 'payload'? What exactly does a 'payload' entail?

    If someone gave me the code to compile for a 20MHz setup or a precompiled 20MHz hex of this payload, then is that all I need to get going (besides FTP server code and individual apps)? Backup manager is included?

    Sorry for newb questions, but it's taken me a while to get this circuit right. I'm programming it using PIC Kit 2 by the way.


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    releasedakraken Guest
    Not to spoil the fun, but it seemed like retail updates worked fine (using that method above) with the older payloads. I was able to update BlazBlue using a retail package I logged through my own proxy. I assume it updated correctly since it's not bugging me about updates anymore.

    Was there really an issue with retail game updates before Hermes v3?

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