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Thread: PSGroove Hermes Payload v3 and Open Manager Updates Arrive

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    jensen76 Guest

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    i will try them and let you know and thanks for trying to help

    Edit: it is working now and opdates my game now i only need the leds to work. thank you...

    i use cover manager 7b.

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    meli Guest
    anyone run RE5:GE with move patch using this payloads?

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    modmate Guest
    Here you go have a try now for the leds:

    That should work now i guess. Reply please.

    greets Modmate

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    farenheit Guest
    Just got around to sitting down finally... try this if all else fails...

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    jensen76 Guest
    still no leds but farenheit`s is whit working leds..

    thank you bouth. greetings from denmark! keep up the good work

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    modmate Guest
    Damn Led thing... i will stay on the usual boards first. These are working fine. If your posted led file for maximus is correct i dont know where im fail.

    Fahrenheit, do you got the led file for maximus for me so i can compare them??

    I took his led file and compiled , it's working but without these leds... you know i want to see the clue.

    greets modmate

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    farenheit Guest
    The LED file is the same...

    Did you add the MAXIMUS folder to leds.h file in the Board folder and did you add MAXIMUS to boardtypes.h in common folder?

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    modmate Guest
    I knew i forget something... I will have a deeper look into that tomorrow.

    everything else seems to be working fine so far. Thx for the hint.

    Greets Modmate

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    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by farenheit View Post
    Hope this is the one.. its the PSD and the PS3 Cell Background (1920 x 1080)
    Thank you farenheit !

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    nannou Guest
    Blackcat usb freakin works, thank you

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