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Thread: PSGroove Hermes Payload v3 and Open Manager Updates Arrive

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    modmate Guest
    So what's the :


    Then i can compile and we can see if leds also work, otherwise i have to get the right files for the leds.


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    MACH1NE Guest
    sorry not quite familiar with what you are asking I'm using the maximus avr v1 if that helps.

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    modmate Guest
    Ok, well then give this a shot:

    Please reply if it works.

    Greets Modmate

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    nannou Guest
    No blackcat usb?

    Please help

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    jensen76 Guest
    leds fore maximus 1.0

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    modmate Guest
    Thx, and here we go, give it a try. Leds added:

    Thx Jensen for the Leds file!

    Greets Modmate

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    jensen76 Guest
    it's not working.. it can't jailbreak the ps3 i just tried it...

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    modmate Guest
    Well, i don't got the maximus so... also the led file ,where did you get it?

    Also, have you tried the hex i posted before to try:
    Try this please, and if you please can give me some more nfo of your usb dev board like:


    That would be great.


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    jensen76 Guest
    can you use this info?

    Maximus at90usb162 16Mhz?? i don't know where to look else..

    yes i have tried the 3 you have posted and non are jailbreaking my ps3.

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    modmate Guest
    Have a try on this please:

    Please reply if it works. USE A BM WITHOUT PATCH BUILD IN!!!

    EDIT: JENSEN try this payload here also please!

    Greets modmate

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