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Thread: PSGroove Hermes Payload v3 and Open Manager Updates Arrive

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    d3adliner Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by AchillesPDX View Post
    Eye Pet Move doesn't work with Hermes v3 and OM 1.15 - I'm stuck at the EyePet building with music looping forever.

    Was there a combination of Payloads and Backup Managers that played this correctly?
    I tried for hours and hours on end trying to get EyePet Move working, and NOTHING did it until I installed OM 1.16 (with Hermes v3). And I mean nothing... at all... before then. Not any version of any manager in combination with any payload worked, until now. YAYYY!!!

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    p666 Guest
    Thanks everybody for your hard work.. It's great to log in every day and see new updates like these

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    bylku Guest


    Great job dude, you are the man. v1.16 rules... F1 works at last!!!

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    philjay Guest
    however the update mode for backup games not work for me. Turning back at psgroove 1.1 (in my opinion the best)

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    Jes03 Guest
    Another problem with OpenOM114/5/6 is the free space size doesn't work.

    My USB HDD says its got 14GB free and thats after moving a 10GB game then putting on 2 4GB games. 3 times, all different free space sizes and each time it says 14GB.

    It now has 1GB free but it still says 14GB.

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Great news, I wonder if Rock Band 2 will work with updates! Cause I have RB1 and Lego RB musics installed as well and don't wanna lose it all! Thanks Hermes!

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    xxxgizmoxxx Guest
    This is one of the best updates so far Thanks Hermes, you're awsome!

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    bobbeechin Guest
    Help! I've just upgraded to hermes v3 and Open Manager 1.16 and I get the 'eboot.bin not found' issue & the LAUN12345 directory is locked when I enable patch mode. I haven't seen an solution yet.

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    xat Guest
    does the new payload improve functionality of booting directly into the game?

    i've been trying with no success to figure out how to stably mount and boot without going back to XMB.

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    So Solid Jedi Guest

    Big Grin

    sweet, this is awesome.

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