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  1. #121
    evilsperm Guest
    it was compiled at 16Mhz sorry I put 8Mhz but it is 16Mhz

    here's a fixed zip.

  2. #122
    ModderFokker Guest
    That looks awesome

  3. #123
    Gendor23 Guest
    Odd... my updated games were working fine yesterday but now it freezes at xmb when I try to run them.

  4. #124
    efk0nas Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by chortya View Post
    Updated Uncharted2 and Heavy Rain. But now console hangs when I start any of these games. What is the problem? Using v3 Hermes with Teensy++2.0 and OpenManager 1.16.
    inFamous gives exactly the same result with Hermes v3 and OM 1.16

  5. #125
    MorporgX Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Gendor23 View Post
    Odd... my updated games were working fine yesterday but now it freezes at xmb when I try to run them.
    Try to run your console in retail mode, there should be a massage about problems with HDD database and that PS3 will try to repair it.

    After repair start in debug mode again. That's all


  6. #126
    vatcar Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by efk0nas View Post
    Read demomangers info file. It uses task folder, not temp.
    i don't know why i think it was temp. i will try it when i get home. tks a lot bro. sometimes it's a simple thing hehe

  7. #127
    bsensed Guest
    Hmm, i cannot change the graphics mode... nothing changes when i press L1

    i only have a small image right up. am i doing something wrong?

    i would love this gui: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...7&d=1286485179

  8. #128
    DeareN Guest
    Hello, I updated to hermes v3 using an olimex 162 board and also used open manager 1.16. Unfortunately my GTA4 doesnt work and ends in black screen. My Fifa 11 works without a disk but thats not enough for me. I also tried with the old backup manager but still GTA4 ends up in black screen. Any suggestion? Should I return to the old psgroove 1.1?

  9. #129
    kAs1m Guest
    Nothing you can do, i suppose. With v3 u also can't run many games, like Heavy Rain or Yakuza Kenzan etc.

    Maybe there is some way to play games through BD, like before. But i don't know how exactly. If anyone know how can we run all of games that we could run with PSGroove through BD, please share the way how.

  10. #130
    vstace Guest
    I still have a bad feeling about V3.(a couple of game went black) I'm running everything fine with 1.1 and original manager. I only use Open Manager for SSF4 w/patch mode.

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