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    PSGroove Hermes JailBreak Clone Surfaces, Hermes Bids Farewell

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    Forum user Geox_10 on Elotrolado.net has discovered a PS JailBreak clone called PSGroove Hermes recently, and as a result of using his name on the PS3 modchip Spanish developer Hermes has bid the PS3 scene farwell.

    The offending product is currently being sold at VolumeRates.com (linked above) under the title 'PSGroove Hermes PS Break Revolution USB Chipset Adapter for PS3 Fat and Slim' for $18.79 USD each.

    Here is what Hermes had to say, to quote roughly translated:

    "This should be a sick joke: Not only advantage of working sceners, if you have the nerve up to take my nickname as a reference to a product, and notice that I have nothing to do with them.

    Well if that's what they want, go ahead: selling their clones and seize whatever they want, I happened to keep the riffraff and although I feel for others, here ended my contribution to the scene of PS3.


    PSGroove Hermes JailBreak Clone Surfaces, Hermes Bids Farewell

    PSGroove Hermes JailBreak Clone Surfaces, Hermes Bids Farewell

    PSGroove Hermes JailBreak Clone Surfaces, Hermes Bids Farewell

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    Well that really sucks..

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    That blows goats for quarters.

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    I bid you a fine farewell. Thank you so much for your contribution to the scene. You will be greatly missed. And death to the moron that brought on this atrocity.

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    Aww what the hell! Count on a bunch of bottom-feeding pricks to ruin a good thing. There goes A LOT of development and progress by a great coder, who happened to give the scene so much, all to have it disappear. Anyway we could get our own lawsuit going, and bring Hermes back?

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    This is when the PS3 Scene slowly but surely starts to die. There is no way anyone will get past firmware 4.1. The PS3 was never really hacked. It was just some backdoor stuff.

    I hope I'm wrong cause I've been enjoying some cool PS3 stuff. :|

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    Awww, Hermes is/was awesome and will forever be a legend in the PS3 scene. Shame those lowlifes had to use his name for sales purposes. And excuse my language, but that's truly messed up.

    My condolences go out to you Hermes, I wish you the best and I thank you for everything you've done for our PS3 scene. I'm forever greatful. Farewell, and goodluck in everything that you do <3
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    Wow this is so gay.

    Now he's going to go back to hacking the Wii, which no one cares about because

    1. Wii is hacked beyond belief
    2. No one gives a crap about Wii because it's a POS.

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    This is actually pretty laughable.

    1. Someone crying over their 'nickname'.
    2. Accusing a chinese cloner of being a part of the so called "scene" as if they have some kind of social responsibility when if anything it's an advertisement to let people know that it's hermes compatible. Are people that dense? China has been doing this for years.
    3. Attempting to garner attention and get people screming please don't leave!!! I'm getting Egohot flashbacks.

    Hermes may have done some good but get the hell off your high horse.

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    What a bunch of horse ish - People always trying to act like someone their not... Hermes we appreciate you more than anything and you need not worry about anyone of us buying anything from these fags!!! A big FU goes out to these fake fags spoofing psgroove.


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