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    Sep 2010
    Sry, but thats pointless. Complains about "superman" ???

    Please stop that, Hermes should leave ASAP. $ony dont play!!

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    Jun 2008
    I think it's a childish attitude. Hermes, don't care about chinese cloners that wants to make money with your nickname. Simply ignore them, and make that you like. Most people won't buy those clones named "hermes", because we all know what they did..

    Best Regards and keep it up mate!

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    There's always one Jackass that screws it up for everyone! Freaking Beasting Savages!

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    Someone make a Wii-Key Hermes then lets see what happens lol.

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    May 2010
    Made a dongle and you will sell more than ps3 usbjailbreak. freakin business..

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    hermes need to know tha the comunity its thanked with him do a Front page in this web with a message like ElotroLado

    hermes need us...

    sorry my english

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    Nov 2009
    Is it proven to be an actual device or just a rumor? You would be stupid to leave the scene coz someone made up a rumor.
    Still it's pretty stupid to leave the scene coz your name is on a device. (I remember seeing a pic of Dark_Alex's name on a PSP box.)

    Even so, there are new jailbreak devices everyday. If everyone left the scene coz there name was on one there would be nobody left in a few weeks.

    Thats what $ony should do. Start releasing jailbreak clones with all the devs names on them. PSJ Math, PSJ Waninkoko, PSJ JaiC

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    Jan 2010
    so what? there's a clone that used mathieulh's psgroove name but you don't see him quiting on us.

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    Mar 2006
    Im sorry to see him go. Ive followed his work since the ps2 days.

    These clone guys are blood-sucking parasite that will do anything to make a buck. I hope they end up sitting on there stock, fracking lamers.

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    Sep 2010
    while i don't think he should quit understand his motives, why should anyone make $ with his hard work that he provides for free??

    As for the people that are insulting him here over this i sincerely hope your ps3's fry asap , its his choice and how dare you criticize him. if you feel so strongly don't use anything he has contributed to the scene hypocrite little asswipes.

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