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    PagaN Guest
    punkass quiter first Wii then PS3.

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    luix Guest
    that's just a clone, like 100 others out there. it's sad that they use hermes name, but why give up. jailbreak also did't give up, and they have more than 1 clone. don't take this personal hermes, be proud of your name. you really helped the scene, and i hope you don't give up your work.

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    Osirisx Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PagaN View Post
    punkass quiter first Wii then PS3.
    if he wants to leave then so be it, who the hell are you to moan like that about his actions. he and his team have done great work both on the wii and the ps3. yes it is a shame hes going and will be missed.

    Thank you for all the hard work you have contributed to the scene Hermes i just hope others dont quit becasue i can see that team who made the dongle with your name on it doing the same thing with all the other big names. very childish that they stoop to such a low level but maby this is sony's doing. release news of a new "clone" and send the orignial hackers into leaving the scene.

    if people want to see the scene progress its going to need more than a handfull of people sony cant come afer every single one of us. they should just give up and accept that they got phuckd. they have fixed the issue with new fw acording to them anyway. but as they are getting ther knickers in a twist over all this groove etc... stuff do sony know its only a matter of time until its precious console is blown wide open and level 7 access is gained, which is where all the encryption key stuff is done.

    when that day comes it will be good, but bad for game devs who knows what could be done with the power of the ps3 if its ever fully hacked.

    once again thanks for all your hard work Hermes

  4. #44
    mcx997 Guest
    yeah, we should respect his decisions too bad, but let he be happy

  5. #45
    waleed Guest
    so he quits the scene and punishes his followers who have nothing to do with this clone? lame

  6. #46
    solrac1974 Guest
    Well... Hermes contributed alot to the scene, maybe he came back in another time when the dust settles. We have to thank him for his hard work on PS2/PS3 scene. Awesome work so far, wish you the best, Hermes!

  7. #47
    xxxgizmoxxx Guest
    Sony is clearly playing this all wrong. Rather than pushing ahead with all these expensive law suits and international JBing bans, all they have to do is join the JB network and find ways to piss off the major players. As we can see it isn't that difficult!

    So far we have lost two major players in a month because they feel disrespected and/or exploited lol! Well people, this seems a little hypocrytical to me. In your spare time you do whatever you can to 'Rip Off' others, yet when someone exploits you, you start crying, throwing your soothers out the crib! all I can say is WTF! grow up!

  8. #48
    modmate Guest
    And also i guess this is a "bad" product,, like most of china stuff.. lol They produce way to cheep just to make the "big" deal?? Retards!

    Anyway, everybody who is getting this stick and is not involved into the ps3 scene , will think that hermes got something todo with it. So ALL bad up to this piece of crap stick will get back to Hermes. ( Not that funny nah?)

    So what you think about a PagaN Ps3 JB stick?? You would appreciate it?


  9. #49
    Osirisx Guest
    if its there choice to leave then so be it. iam gratefull for everthing they have done but maybe they will continue under a differnt name, maybe some one else will step up and take things over. who knows.

  10. #50
    ghorricks Guest
    Hermes - I hope you read this post.

    You were great and still are in many other scenes out there. Can I please request that "Super Hermes" finds a disguise and manages to continue to assist the PS3 scene in some way.

    I hate the fact that you've been forced to quit, but just like Superman - there is a reason why you do what you do - and that fire will never die....

    To the birth of a new superhero - raise your glasses ladies and gentlemen.

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